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Dan Colonna


Staff Writer


To fully express his love of video games, Dan Colonna does everything from podcasting, to blogging, to... well, gaming! One would expect that wearing this many hats would give Dan hat hair, and they'd be right in doing so. Pokémon, Destiny, Harvest Moon, and the Mega Man series are just a few of Dan's favorite games, and good examples of what kinds of games he leans toward. To satisfy a thirst for writing, Dan created nerdpundit. There, he still writes about popular culture. When he's not writing about video games, Dan's making videos for his YouTube channel: Hit Buttons! Finally, Dan is a co-host of the Dinosaur Machines Game Club podcast, where he discusses a different game every other week along with his two proverbial partners in crime - Mark and Dave.

Currently Playing: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild  Ever Oasis  ARMS  Overwatch  Flinthook