Pokémon GO releases Ghost-types for Halloween

by: Dan C -
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Pokémon GO is summoning a slew of Ghost-type monsters; just in time for Halloween Pokéwalks. For a limited time, Pokémon such as Sableye, Banette, Drowzee and Ghastly will be out on the town in force. Some of these Pokémon hail from the Hoenn region, ahead of a December release which will feature even more of that region's monsters.

On top of catching hordes of Ghost Pokémon, players will also be able to catch a witch hat wearing Pikachu, their avatars will have the option to dress up in Mimikyu's Disguise Hat, and Candy earnings will be doubled.

Make sure to take a stroll between October 20th and November 2nd to be a part of the ghoulish fun!