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New Persona 5 trailer shows us how to infiltrate palaces and deal with shadows

by: Nathan - - 0 Comments

Persona 5 got a new trailer today and highlights some of the games dungeon crawling mechanics. 

Instead of randomly generated dungeons like we had in Persona 3 and 4, each dungeon in Persona 5 has been individuals designed from the ground up. This means we now get cool things like platforming and stealth mechanics. We also got a look at some demon negotiations, which was a feature from the earlier Persona games and other SMT games. 

Persona 5 releases on PS3 and PS4 on April 4th. 

The lines are redrawn for Injustice 2

by: John - - 0 Comments

Batman may have won, but a bigger threat is coming. Warner Bros has released a new story trailer for Injustice 2 and it's giving us two very, very major villains. The main threat seems to be Braniac, which should provide as a formidable foe. 

In the trailer, you'll get glimpses of some of the characters you can play as such as Bane, Poison Ivy, Robin, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman to name a few.

The end throws us the inclusion of Darkseid as a playable character should you pre-order the game. I wonder if he'll be part of the main story as well seeing as having Darkseid be a player in the game without using him as part of the narrative would be a missed opportunity. Then again, if he's only available for those that pre-order the game, he might be left out of the equation.

The impending release has me fired up and I'm picking up the collections for the past few years of the comic series to see what has been happening. I stopped at Year 2, but the Injustice comic has some great writing. If you enjoy the game and DC, you should really check it out.

Injustice 2 will be here May 16, 2017 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with the PC version coming later


Check out this new gameplay trailer for Friday the 13th

by: Nathan - - 0 Comments

The Friday the 13th game got a brand new trailer and looks like it confirms that the Misfits will be part of the games official soundtrack when it launches. 

Couple of things of note from this video. First off, it looks like Jason now has throwing knives that he can throw at the counselors to slow them down. It also appears that you can actually kill counselors as a counselor yourself if you run them over with the car. I certainly didn't notice that when I was playing the beta, haha. 

The game will also use the song "Friday the 13th" By the band The Misfits. Seems like this song will play on the radio and will a way to distract Jason whenever he is nearby. 

Friday the 13th has no solid release date yet but is scheduled for an "Spring 2017" release. 

Farming Simulator 18 coming to 3DS and Vita, plus a version of the game has been announced for the Switch

by: Russell - - 0 Comments

Focus Home Interactive has recently announced that the Farming Simulator series will make a grand return to the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS with Farming Simulator 18.  The latest release in the Farming Simulator series will give players access to over fifty farming vehicles and machines which have been faithfully recreated from over thirty of the biggest names in the industry including Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, and Valtra.  It was also revealed during this past Friday's Nintendo event that Farming Simulator will be released on the Nintendo Switch.  While not much info has been revealed so far, it'll be interesting to see how the game will take advantage of the Switch's Joy-Con controllers.

Farming Simulator 18 will be available sometime in 2017.

First batch of Switch consoles already sold out on Gamestop, Amazon

by: Kinsey - - 0 Comments

If you were looking to preorder a Nintendo Switch console, it looks like you're going to have to wait a little while; GameStop, followed closely by Amazon, has announced that all available units have been reserved.

That is, all available units at this time. Of course, there will be more than just this first batch. There are going to be two million consoles available worldwide come March 3, according to Nintendo of America’s president and chief operating officer Reggie Fils-Aime. Honestly, that seems like a lot more than it is.

If you've got your heart set on getting your name down for a preorder and refuse to wait a few months after launch like I'll probably be forced to do, check around. A lot. Not just on big sites like Amazon and GameStop, either. With something that has this much hype around it, there's no telling when stock will refresh - and when the next allotments will be snatched up. I know I'll have my eyes on it.

Seminal gaming classic I am Bread is coming to Xbox One

by: Chapel - - 0 Comments

A game that pretty much gets it all in the title, I am Bread, previously limited to the weird part of Steam, is now coming to the Xbox One. The PC version already recommends an Xbox controller, so I suppose it will fit in quite nicely.

In I am Bread, players will find that they are bread, hell bent on becoming toast. You'll have to platform your way around various domestic arenas, like bathrooms and kitchens, in order to accomplish your mission.

No word on a release date just yet. You can watch the teaser below.

Games Done Quick has officially raised over 2 million dollars for charity

by: Nathan - - 0 Comments

Awesome Games Done Quick has sadly reached the end of the week long, 24/7 marathon of incredibly talented gamers speed running games in an effort to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

This year, GDQ has smashed their previous record and set a new milestone as the event has raised over 2 million dollars for charity. The final run, an Undertale True Pacifist Run is happening right now and as I type this, GDQ has reached $2,100,000 dollars and that amount is constantly climbing. 

If you did miss out on the action, you can catch all of it on their official Twitch page as all of their runs are current available via video on demand. To help you out if there is a certain game you want to see, the mods over at r/Speedrun on Reddit have put together a fantastic VOD guide of all of the games ran this year. 


Watch live video from GamesDoneQuick on www.twitch.tv

Bandai Namco bringing Dragonball Xenoverse 2 to the Switch, two more games in developement

by: Russell - - 0 Comments

As we continue to countdown the days until the launch of the Nintendo Switch, more games are getting announced and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is one of them.  While still a working title, "the most expansive Dragon Ball video game experience to-date" will be hitting the Nintendo Switch.  Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 on the Switch will feature local co-op gameplay that will let players share the experience with their friends.  Not much else is known at the moment but Bandai Namco will share more info soon.

It's also worth noting that Bandai Namco have also stated that a "Tales of" game is in development as well as Taiko Drum Master.  It wouldn't surprise me if the "Tales of" game is Tales of Berseria as it's the latest in the series, but I've played the arcade version of Taiko Drum Master and while it kind of made my wrists sore pound on giant drums with a pair of drum sticks, I think it would be awesome seeing the game on the Switch and would likely see a purchase from me, so here's hoping.

WWE 2K17 is coming to PC next month

by: Russell - - 0 Comments

For the past couple of years, the WWE 2K series has been hitting the PC which is great to finally see the WWE games on the PC.  However, it's usually a few months after the console releases.  That being said, PC owners can start laying the smackdown once again on their opponents next month.

On February 7th, WWE 2K17 will be coming to PC in two versions: Standard and Deluxe.  The Standard Edition will be $49.99 (which you can pre-order at a 10% discount) and include the base game and the Goldberg Pack which includes access to two playable versions of Goldberg and playable WCW Monday Nitro and Halloween Havoc arenas.  Meanwhile the Deluxe Edition will include all of that as well as the Season Pass (sold separately for $29.99) which includes MyPlayer Kickstart, Accelerator, NXT Enhancement Pack, Legends Pack, New Moves Pack, and Future Stars Pack, while the Hall of Fame Showcase will be available at some point post-launch.

It's worth noting that while the game will include all DLC released to date on the consoles, any new DLC released after the PC launch on February 7th will be available on the PC at a later time.  More info, including how to pre-order, can be found on 2K's website.

A Rose in the Twilight has a thorn in her back and blood in her puzzles

by: Randy - - 0 Comments

A Rose in the Twilight is a 2D Japanese indie puzzle-platformer from Masayuki Furuya, maker of htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary. In a world of monochromatic colors, accented with blood red puzzle elements, in A Rose in the Twilight you're a girl in a Darkest Dungeon-looking world, traveling with her four-armed giant.

Rose has a thorn in her back, the Curse of Thorns. She "absorbs and transfers blood." I don't exactly know what that means. But thankfully the video clarifies by saying, "Fascinated by the thorns, the girl offers blood." Well, see, I guess still don't know what that means. It looks like it's a way to simply interact with puzzle pieces.

The 3D cutscenes look neat. The 2D gameplay screens look okay. The jumping looks floaty. And you switch between rose girl and the giant in order to break through puzzles and escape the castle. Nothing mindblowing. Rather pleasant, maybe.

A Rose in the Twilight blooms on PC and PS Vita on April 11.

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