Details for first Darksiders III DLC have been released

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THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games has released some details for some Darksiders III DLC. Two separate DLCs will follow the game's November 27th launch called "The Crucible" and "Keepers of the Void". In The Crucible, Fury accepts an invitation from a strange entity who wishes to test her skills in battle. Gaining access to the titular Crucible, she'll fight wave after wave of enemies for a chance to unlock new items and rewards. In Keepers of the Void, Fury will travel into the Serpent Holes to take care of an ancient threat. The Serpent Holes contain new puzzles and enemies, but if Fury prevails, she'll unlock a new weapon from the Hollows as well as The Abyssal Armor.

More information about Darksiders III can be found on the official website, and you can pre-order the game here.

Devolver Digital and No Name Announce Observation

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Developer No Name and publisher Devolver Digital released the reveal trailer for their sci-fi thriller, Observation, coming to PC and PS4 next spring. 

Deep in space, aboard the space station christened Observation, players take control of the ship's AI, known as SAM. SAM assists the astronaut Dr. Emma Fisher by taking control of the ship's camera, tools, and major systems to help uncover what happened to the its crew. 

IGN has a deep read of the game, which you can visit here.

Observation is slated for release in Spring 2019.

Zero Caliber VR sneak peak

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Zero Caliber VR is a VR-based military FPS that is due to be released in early November, but we were able to get a few minutes of hands-on play. Our play time was pretty much limited to the tutorial sections, but it was enough to get a feel for the weaponry, how it is used, and a taste of the overall environment.

The menu system is disguised as a very large hangar with smaller, special purpose rooms surrounding the outer periphery. From here you can select your weapons and missions. We didn't spend a lot of time looking around, mostly due to impatience to get our hands on some of the weapons.

The moment we walked out of the hangar for the first time, a group of three massive Chinook helicopters flew over, low and loud. You want to talk about ambiance? There it is, in spades. In fact, it completely surrounds you. It all feels very military, and very serious. 

Our first assignment was to run through a short obstacle course, the intent of which is to familiarize you with the motion and grabbing techniques. Motion is via the left stick (Rift) and rotation on the right. The "sliding" forward motion is a recipe for motion sickness, but repeated attempts to find a "teleport" style of locomotion proved fruitless. Being touch as nails military types, though, we powered through.

The next stop was a target range where we would try five or six different types of weapons. Weapon handling is similar to the methods used in other games such as Gun Club VR, but we did have trouble with some of the guns when it came to racking in a new round after reloading. It was quite common to drop the new magazine right back out of the gun while trying to find the bolt or arming handle. Some VR-based shooters distinguish between the "grip" button and the "arm" button on the hand controllers to avoid confusion - if that is the case with Zero Caliber VR, we were unable to find it.

That little problem on the range became a big problem in the battle simulation hangars, which combined the motion practiced in the obstacle range with the shooting required on the shooting range, but with some pressure applied. That pressure was sufficient to make quick and efficient reloading a very real challenge, although enough practice will eventually erode those rough edges.

Zero Caliber VR is scheduled for release on November 9. If the game is anywhere near as fun as our experience in the tutorials, this should be a good one!

Cities: Skylines – Industries attends to my hungry supply and logistics needs

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In Cities: Skylines, many people get their rocks off making bigger and bigger cities, naturally. That makes perfect sense, given the game's title. I tend to go the other direction, though. I do the opposite of "paving paradise to put up a parking lot." I love dirt roads and rural life. When not focused on that in city-building sims, however, I like crafting supply chains. I like industry. I like collecting resources, getting those resources to manufacturers, then getting those manufactured goods to retailers and ultimately into the hands of consumers. You'll have to pardon me, I'm part of the logistics department for my day job. Look at me not falling asleep during supply chain management seminars!

My personal needs are being met with Cities: Skylines – Industries. It's all about the game's big four industries: forestry, farming, ore, and oil. You first find the land that matches the industry you want to build (e.g. fertile land is conducive to farming), "paint" the area to designate it for (in this case) farming, hit the Garbage & Industry tab and locate the appropriate industrial structures (like the Farm Main Building), and that fully turns the area you just painted into the designated industry. Having done that, it gives you access to all the industry-specific buildings (such as Large Crops Greenhouses), and then all the buildings intertwine to begin working together in an industrial ecosystem. Ahhhhh, wonderful stuff.

Along with the industry-specific buildings, the expansion also comes with new roads, cargo airports, a post service, new industry-focused maps, and a lot of new assets. These first two tutorial videos—which are just a rapid-clip overview of the different features—are put together by YouTuber TwoDollarsTwenty, and dude looks like he knows how to put together awesome-looking cities.

Cities: Skylines – Industries launches October 23 on PC.

Face off against other Agent 47's in Hitman 2's new Ghost Mode

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You and your opponent will start the level at the exact same time in the exact same location with the same targets. The goal is to kill five randomly selected targets before your opponent does and you will only get credit for the kill if it's unseen. You both start off with no equipment at all so there will be "ghost crates" around each level that have random loot to help you out. If you take down a target, then your opponent will only have a limited amount of time to finish off that target. 

You and your opponents games will be independent of each other so you don't have to worry about something happening in their game affecting yours. 

Hitman 2 is one of my most anticipated games of the year. The 2016 game was near perfect and it's amazing to see how much content is being added and how much the gameplay has been upgraded. 

Hitman 2 launches on November 13th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. 


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UPDATED: Ubisoft experiencing connectivity issues...again

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Yup, that is not a rehash of last weeks news posts from 10/05/18 or 10/08/18.  Once again, we wake up to Ubisoft having issues with players connecting to their games online.

What makes this so frustrating for those trying to get into The Division, Far Cry or Assassins Creed Odyssey is that Ubisoft took the servers down for maintenance earlier today to work on issues with accounts that plagued them last week.  As usual, you can follow the Ubisoft Support Twitter or the official thread in the forums to stay up to date on when the issues are resolved.
[UPDATE: DAN] Per the Ubisoft twitter feed, the connectivity issue is now resolved.  Been ongoing since ~4 a.m. EST this morning.

Treyarch releases third Call of Duty Black Ops 4 update since launch

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I guess you can't accuse Treyarch of not taking care of both their games and it's players, as today marked the THIRD update release for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 since launch.  With the game out in the wild for just a couple of days now, and even after a massive 50GB Day 1 patch and a Day 2 release on Saturday, there were still more things to update and clean up.  


Treyarch detailed today's release, which had a zombie focus, with the full details after the jump or per the Reddit post that went up a little while ago.  Here is a summary of today's focus areas:

  • General Updates (Global)
  • Zombie Gameplay Balancing (Global)
  • Multiplayer Create-a-class (Global)
  • Multiplayer Gameplay (Global)
  • Blackout Characters (Global)
  • Blackout Trauma Kits (PC)

In addition to what was corrected, here is the ongoing known issue they are still working on:

  • PC Crashes (PC)
  • Map Spawns
  • Progression Issues
  • Weapon Camo Issues
  • Additional items not listed

DCS now taking pre-orders for the F-14 Tomcat

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Get ready to buzz the tower whether the pattern is full or not, because DCS is now taking pre-orders for the venerable DCS F-14 Tomcat. The pre-order prince is a fairly steep, yet still discounted, price of $69.99. Regular price will be $79.99 when the plane is finally done. And make no mistake - it's going to be awhile. The F-14, despite its age, is a very complex machine.

DCS has provided this compelling list of features:
• The Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS)
• Detailed electrical, hydraulic and fuel system
• Fully functional multiplayer two seat functionality
• JESTER AI: A new, lifelike AI that fills the role of RIO when flying single-player
• A limited functionality Iceman AI piloting the aircraft in single-player when switching to the rear cockpit
• Simulation of the AN/AWG-9 Weapons Control System (WCS)
• Simulation of the LANTIRN designator pod
• Fully functional Instrument Carrier Landing System
• Comprehensive digital manual
• A complete set of interactive and voiced tutorials
• Campaigns in the Caucasus and Persian Gulf theatres

Of the bunch, the AI backseater is by far the most innovative and compelling feature, at least as far as I'm concerned. One of the problems I have always had in DCS airplanes is keeping up with the complex systems and threatening environment. A second brain, eyes, and pair of hands will make a world of difference.

There's no word on when the plane will be completed, but my years of experience with DCS have made one thing very clear: they are done when they're done. It happens slowly but steadily, and you get new components as they become available. I have also learned that they are typically finished to a degree that exceeds my capabilities in the very first early access release. The F-14 is not being built in-house, but the developer, Heatblur, also has a good reputation.

Fishing: Barents Sea gets crabby

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Fishing: Barents Sea, which we reviewed here, concluded with the following statement: "I actually learned a lot about fishing from Fishing: Barents Sea, but I’m not sure the game fully conveys what a difficult and dangerous job it is. Nor does it need to. Mike Rowe has taken care of that."

Well, to be honest there was a little bit of misdirection in that statement; we all know that Mr. Rowe had a show that aptly demonstrated a very different kind of fishing than that modeled in the game: crab fishing.

That little problem has been solved, albeit not quite yet.

Some time in November, there will be DLC available that will expand the types of fishing available in the game with the addition of King Crab fishing, just like Mr. Rowe introduced us to. As we all saw in the show, it is not an easy or especially safe thing to do.

Just like any other species of prey in the game, the majestic king crabs will be located by sonar. Once you figure out where they are, you will lower baited pots to the seabed instead of the usual nets or string lines. After enough time has passed, you will hopefully pull in the pots loaded with crabs. Also unlike the species you're used to clubbing and gutting, the crabs have to be separated by gender. Only males go to market, while the females get thrown back in the hopes that they will birth even more crabs for you to catch.

There will also be a new pair of boats to use. Both of the new boat are, naturally, fully equipped for catching the lucrative king crabs.

The King Crab DLC will be available on Steam™ in November 2018, but no price has been announced. There is currently one other DLC available and it goes for $6.99, so that may or may not be a hint.

What's this thing in my Steam Library - Zeus' Battlegrounds

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For today's episode of "What's this thing?", I decided to take a looks at Industry Games' new free-to-play battleground game, Zeus Battlegrounds.

As usual, I have never touched the game before starting the stream, so this is my raw first attempt at playing a new battleground game. Though I fumbled around a bit learning the controls and the loot dynamics, I feel like I did pretty well for myself, coming in the top five for both rounds I played.

Zeus' is pretty fun, and it seems like it would be even better if enough people were playing to really blow out the servers and fill the battles up 100+ players. The rounds I played were populated by about 25 players, which made for some slightly lonely battleground-ing (though it was a nice way to learn the game).

I feel like there are still a lot of fun secrets to discover in Zeus, and the game is free to play, so why not?. The mix of magic and melee combat is fun (though I obviously am terrible at it), and well worth a look. I could really see this game picking up an audience among players like me who are adverse to shooting and are looking for something a little more fanciful and dynamic.

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