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Soul Hackers 2 reveals launch day DLC, including costumes and bonus story arc

by: Henry -

Atlus announced DLC that will launch alongside Soul Hackers 2 on release day, including a bonus story arc, costumes, demons, booster items, and background music tracks.

See below for full details regarding the purchase-able DLC:

  • Bonus Story Arc: The Lost Numbers – Grants access to a bonus story arc centered around a new Devil Summoner, Nana, and a new dungeon with a punishing boss.
  • Costume & BGM pack – Adds themed outfits for your entire party, battle BGM, and accessories from Persona™ 4, Persona™ 5, Shin Megami Tensei™ IV and more.
  • Bonus Demon Pack – Access 8 powerful demons including Tzitzimitl, Anahita, Armaiti, Zaou-Gongen, Nemissa, Mara, Masakado and Satan.
  • Booster Item Pack – Increases frequency of dropped items from battles to earn in-game currency, boost stats and grant EXP.
  • Useful Item Set + Extra Difficulty – Adds essential items for your journey and a VERY HARD game mode for ambitious players seeking a thrilling challenge.

All pre-orders will include a Persona 5 Phantom Thieves Outfit pack. The Digital Deluxe Edition includes the Full Game, Booster Item Pack and Bonus Story Arc: The Lost Numbers. The Premium Edition includes the Full Game, Booster Item Pack, Bonus Story Arc: The Lost Numbers, Costume & BGM pack, Bonus Demon Pack, and two digital premium exclusives: Ai-ho Demon and Mary’s Maid Frock Outfit.

The Standard Edition is priced at $59.99, Digital Deluxe at $69.99 & Premium Edition at $89.99.

Soul Hackers 2 will release on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on August 26, 2022. Be sure to check out Matt's review of the first Soul Hackers on the Nintendo 3DS!

Check out the official DLC lineup trailer below:

Nezuko Kamado (Advanced Demon Form) joins the battle (Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles)

by: Kyle -

The Next DLC character for Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles is the advanced demon form for Nezuko Kamado. 

Her attacks mostly consist of scratching and kicking. A special move she has is she shoves her opponent to the ground and summons a tornado to hurt them more. Her ultimate is her dropkicking her opponent, scratching them while on top of them, then raises her foot to stomp on their chest.

This is the second DLC character to release. You can buy just Nezuko for $4.99 or you cloud get all the DLC characters when they release for $24.99. 

Madden Championship Series 23 details announced

by: Rob -

Madden NFL 23 adds to EA's exclusive NFL gaming licensing rights to also be the exclusive Esports partner of the league. While competition in the space would probably be better for everyone other than EA and the NFL, no one  was coming close to challenging Madden's crown long before the deal went exclusive anyway.

With the Esports exclusivity news comes announcement details on the Madden Championship Series (MCS) 23. You register for the three tournaments and climb the console specific ladders in open play. The top 232 players from the ladders move to the elimination rounds where the final 4 from each console compete in the cross-platform live finals. The first tournament, Ultimate Kickoff, is now open for registration with qualifiers beginning August 20th and the tournament concluding in September. The Ultimate Thanksgiving tournament follows in October/November and Ultimate Wildcard in November/December. The top 12 from these three qualifying tournaments join winners of the Last Chance Qualifying tournament in Early January to get a spot at the Ultimate Madden Bowl in Late January with the grand final February 10th. There's a million bucks in prize money on the line for the Madden Bowl, with earlier tournaments paying out between $180k and $260k. 

Registration details MCS 23 is now open on the official website: https://battlefy.com/madden-championship-series-2023/home 

Cards & Tankards is a super addictive collectable card game on Quest 2 and Steam VR

by: Eric -

So, you wanna hang out with some buddies, down a few beers, and play some cards? Well, you can do so without leaving the comfort of your own dank bedroom, because Cards & Tankards has arrived on Quest 2.

Cards & Tankards is a collectable card/deck building game, currently free-to-play on Steam and Applab. In it, players hang out in a cozy medieval tavern, swapping stories, drinking fake tankards of ale, and playing the amazingly cool card game that makes up the core of the experience. First time you enter the game, you are greeted by a guy that teaches you the game, and then you can play against the AI as much as you like before jumping into a game.

My video only has in-game audio, but I think I pantomime the basics pretty well.

But don't be nervous about entering a tavern and playing against real people. I've found the community to be very welcoming, with several kind players showing me the ropes. I've also found that I'm somewhat competitive against other low-level players with my starter deck (though maybe they are just being kind). The word on the street is that the mods on the game put up with very little nonsense, so all of the players I've encountered in the game seem to be there to have a good time as opposed to making everyone miserable. Even the kids are nice.

Cards & Tankards would be a wash if the card game wasn't good, but it turns out that it is excellent. The gameplay revolves around three "factions", which is Cards & Tankards' term for the three starter decks. I chose a less-common deck that has me accruing and spending coins each turn to strengthen my cards as I play them. It is a very cool mechanic that I've not seen in a game before, and I'm looking forward to building it out with new cards as I earn them. 

Cards & Tankards is now in Early Access, and there is no word on when the game will go full release, but it already feels pretty complete. Monetization is for cosmetics, and a battle pass exists to help players earn gold (which can be exchanged for card packs) at a faster rate. All in all, the entire thing feels pretty fair and balanced.

I'm fairly certain that I'll have more on Cards & Tankards in the weeks ahead. But in the meantime, check it out. It's one of the best social games I've played on Quest.

Here is the first trailer for the next animated Mortal Kombat movie Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind

by: Nathan -

WB have released the trailer for the newest animated Mortal Kombat movie and is called Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind and will focus on the character Kenshi. Im a little confused on if this is a direct sequel to the last movie Battle of the Realms because it looks like Kano is now the King of Earthrealm and that doesn't exactly match up with the ending of the last movie. 

From this trailer we also see some well known Mortal Kombat characters including some lesser known ones from that terrible Special Forces game. From the trailer we can see Kenshi, Sub-Zero, Kano, Shang Tsung, Kira, Dhramin, Erron Black, Ferra/Torr, and Tremor. 

No release date yet but the movie is Rated R and will be available both digitally and on Blu Ray.

Booster Course Pass Wave 2 N Moorer

by: joseph -

Games N Moorer invited some of his friends to play the 8 new tracks available in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! The Turnip Cup and Propeller Cup are now live, as of August 4th, and features tracks from previous titles, the mobile game Tour, and one brand new course, Sky High Sundae. Warning: Very colorful language used. It is Mario Kart, after all. Reminder that you get all the new courses, released over the next year, for $24.99, or if you have the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, you already have em. Just update and you're in! Drift to your Nintendo Switch right now! 

First Images of Two Falls (Nishu Takuatshina) Released

by: Sheyne -

Two Falls (Nishu Takuatshina) from Unreliable Narrators released the first images from their upcoming adventure game that is set for a fall 2023 release on PC and consoles.

Two Falls (Nishu Takuatshina) is a narrative exploration game in which you will experience the crossover adventures of Jeanne, a young shipwrecked Frenchwoman who finds herself stranded far from the French colonies, and Maïkan, an Innu hunter who tries to cope with the rapid changes that threatens the land of his ancestors. Players will explore the wild Canadian territory through two radically different points of view. These two perspectives are supported by the two distinct artistic directions that accompany the player depending on which character he embodies.

This game is made by a team that includes many Indigenous creators while the content is validated by a Council of Innu and Wendat Elders. There is also an original soundtrack composed by native musicians and singers. Including close collaboration with several Indigenous partners including Awastoki (3D artists), Isabelle Picard (writer), Tara Miller (artistic director) and Eadsé (composer).

You can wishlist Two Falls (Nishu Takuatshina) on Steam now.

Splatoon 3 coming in fresh

by: joseph -

The Splatoon 3 Nintendo Direct was this morning, and it looks like they're going more all in than they did with the second iteration of the series. The game releases September 9th, with pre-orders already live. The presentation included 12 stages, both new and returning. There are new weapons like the bow and arrow type weapon called the Tri-Stinger, and the melee new favorite Splatana. Nintendo announced that ALL the weapons will make a return (Ugh...Splat Roller) New special weapons are also coming, like tacticooler, which allows your team members to receive in battle attributes. 

In addition to the main and traditional Turf War, all battle modes from the previous game also return. That means the rainmaker, Tower control, Clam blitz, and Splat Zones are all here. There is a new mode, called Anarchy Battles, which seems similar to ranked mode. There is a solo mode as well, which looks to be an elimination mode.  

The new lobby lets you see holograms of all your friends online, making it a lot easier to team up with, or battle against your friends. Splatoon 3 adds a 1v1 card game called Tableturf battle, which is like a turf war board game. There are 150 cards available, which you can purchase with in game currency. The roadmap for this game is promising, via and in game catalog every three months for 2 years. This includes new clothing, weapons, and accessories. There will be a FREE world premier demo available starting August 18th. Then on August 27th, the very first Splatfest launches, except this time, there will be THREE choices to choose from, and yes, there will be tri-color battles! The special Splatfest starts at 9am PT (12pm ET), and runs for 12 hours. 

Check the video above for more info, including the new Salmon Run, the story mode, customizable lockers, amiibo,  and so much more!

Technicity Prologue Showcases Upcoming City Builder

by: Sheyne -

Technicity Prologue is available for free on Steam now and showcases the upcoming city builder from Osaris Games. This first person city builder allows you to design your own construction blocks and furniture, terraform the open world, use vehicles and travel to other cities in solo or co-op modes. There are many exciting features that will allow you to automate production and save and share schematics on the Steam Workshop.

The open world is huge and can be filled with many big cities. An existing road network with thousands of km's lets you reach every part of the 384 km2 map. Build your own roads and they'll be integrated into the navigation system. Terraform the world with steamrollers and bulldozers - you can even create or remove entire mountains!

Design and produce your own building blocks, items and furniture in factories, and use them to create really unique buildings. The items you design can also have useful features: create a garage door that opens, an illuminated sign or even a vehicle. Any other player in your world can then use the items produced in your factories.

Technicity Prologue is available for free now on Steam and the complete game is scheduled for release later in 2022 on Steam.

I See Red Showcases Action in New Footage

by: Sheyne -

Gameplay footage was released for I See Red from Whiteboard Games and there is no shortage of action. This isometric top down roguelite shows non-stop action as you are able to channel your rage into destruction of enemies and the environment around you. "With a unique dichromatic aesthetic, your view of the world is consumed by wrath as the targets of your retribution appear in a deathly red, while the rest of the world around you fades to gray. Consumed by anger, everything that surrounds you can be destroyed — ship hardware, furniture, and most importantly, enemies. Uncover a host of diverse weaponry, augments, skills, and abilities to lay waste to your foes as brutally as they deserve. As a top-down, twin-stick roguelite, every playthrough unlocks a stronger version of yourself as you improve your very own cloning machine. Bring entire ships to total collapse, exercise justice against invading spaceships, Robots, Aliens, Humans — the entire galaxy. Rage and crush them all. Rage and make them pay. Rage and get your revenge. You. Must. Not. Stop."

I See Red will be available on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store in 2022. A demo is available for download now.