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Somehow.... Heihachi returned

by: Nathan -

Well you knew this would probably happen sooner rather than later. The next character for Tekken 8's first season of DLC is.... Heihachi Mishima. Well that didn't take long now did it?

Im getting a little bit of Deja Vu here. Street Fighter 6 was a brand new story in the long running series that was finally post Street Fighter 3 with a new setting, new characters and a new story. Bison was dead, Shadaloo is gone and now Bison has already brought back from the dead in the second season of DLC.

Tekken 8 isn't gonna wait for the second year for that. After Tekken 7 was called "The end of the Mashima saga", Heihachi Mashima has returned. Check out his trailer below. 

Heihachi will release in the Fall of this year. 

Multiversus announces Season 2, adds Samurai Jack, and Betelguise

by: Joseph -

Not to be outdone at Evo, Multiversus has officially announced Season 2, which unlocks ranked mode, and adds two more characters to the roster. Samurai Jack (my new main), and mere months before his long awaited sequel, Beetlejuice. The season is called Back in Time. But wait, there's more. 

Ranked mode allows you to play 1v1, and 2v2, and will net you rewards based on leaderboard points. The game also plans to add a new fighting arena, based on the Warner Bros water tower. I don't know. Samurai Jack will be available July 23rd, but you may have to say Betelguise three more times, for he doesn't arrive until later in the season. 

SVC Chaos Announced at EVO, released TODAY

by: Joseph -

Capcom and SNK are cooking again. After the fact that Mature and Vice were announced for KOF XV, SNK followed up with a random, but very unexpected announcement that SNK VS Capcom Chaos (SVC Chaos) will be released for PS4/5 and Nintendo Switch, and is out TODAY for Steam, for $19.99 USD For those of you who don't know, this is the third entry of the SNK X Capcom Versus series. Notice I said the third. 

There were two more before this, Capcom VS SNK, and Capcom VS SNK 2: Millennium Fight 2001, the latter, and more popular allowing you to pick up to 6 different "grooves", which were made up of combinations of meters and mechanics from multiple fighting universes. these two games were made mostly from the Capcom side of things, to where SVC Chaos was made from the SNK Playmore side of things. It wasn't that popular, but I feel like this release, with rollback netcode, that might change. There's a different version with Shin Akuma and Mr. Karate, but I'm not sure if those characters are unlockable. Watch this crazy...er...chaotic trailer here. 

The D&D 2024 Life Domain Cleric is even more of a healer that no one wants to be

by: Randy -

I got to be a player once, instead of a dungeon master, in Dungeons & Dragons. It was thrilling. Getting to come out from behind the dungeon master's screen and sit on the other side of the table is eye opening. There were four of us on the players' side, and the dungeon master brought us into his homebrew world he'd been building, piece by piece, for half a decade.

Being something of a "forever DM," I was naturally going to slip into the role of a bard for this one-shot adventure we'd play with 10th level characters right out of the gate. But instead of the musical mayhem I was hoping to wreak during our fights, it turned out that the party instead needed a dedicated healer. Not a problem. If we needed a healer, I was going to be the apex healer: a Life Domain Cleric. During that one-shot adventure, I not only read up on life-preserving spells and wore a polytheistic holy symbol bandolier—I learned the patience of a healer.

As soon as a battle begins, healing spells aren't needed. So, I prepped the party members with temporary hit points and reminded them of my newly formed and completely untested mantra: "Healing begins before you're hurt." They seemed unimpressed. Our first fight was against some homebrewed monstrosity I could only refer to as a "Zombie Ball." I leaped off the city walls, swinging a bludgeoning weapon, and was promptly run over twice by the rolling World War Z mass of rotting humanity. I swung my mace and probably did a whopping 1d6 damage. Again, the other players were unimpressed.

I retreated. My first healing spells were cast on me. It was truly a "Physician, heal thyself" moment. That's when I figured out that my role as a Life Domain Cleric required the aforementioned patience of a healer

As D&D designer Jeremy Crawford describes in this video, a Cleric with the Life Domain subclass is the preeminent healer. And as with all character classes going into the D&D 2024 Player's Handbook, there are tweaks. The Preserve Life spell now works on undead and constructs. I'm supposing that's become a need as more and more player species (formerly races) and their summons, familiars, etc., dip further and further into undead and construct species—and an undead Toxic Timmy summoned by the Warlock, or the presence of a Warforged species (a living construct), can all use a little healing, too. Especially since they're often the ones being sent in to do the dirty work.

D&D 2024 is also exploring the idea that creatures from, say, the Negative Energy Plane not only can't be healed with normal healing, but that they're harmed by normal healing. That makes sense to me. I didn't even realize that wasn't already a feature of vanilla 5e. Sounds like they're still ironing out the wrinkles, however, and we'll have the final form of that power by the time the D&D 2024 Monster Manual comes out in February of next year.

Clerics are a tough sell. Few players want to exclusively use their actions to heal other players. Most players want to deal some damage instead. Because, let's be honest, the best way to prevent a creature from killing you is to kill them first. That's why in every massively multiplayer roleplaying video game you've ever played, incomplete groups are always shouting for a healer. You need 'em, even if you don't wanna be 'em.

I'm guessing that's what my Dragonlance players are needing right now. The Knight of Solamnia, the Undying Warlock, the Lunar Sorcery Sorcerer, and the War Wizard are trying to regain Wheelwatch Outpost and they're finding out that Red Dragon Army soldiers are a tad more dangerous when there are 20 of them. Where's Mishakal's Blue Crystal Staff of healing when you need one?

College Football 25 officially out, divides fan bases, breaks internet.

by: Joseph -

No one thought this would ever happen, and here we are. The first weekend of a game that has distracted gamers from other distractions. College Football 25 is out for everyone, and I must say, I've seen a mix of emotions. 

While I won't harp on a certain company saying "It feels a bit rushed", I will say that Madden players seem a little upset that the college game is not a re-skin of their precious franchise. My friends and internet community are also having a hard time finding an Xbox, preferably the Xbox Series S. I DJ'd a graduation party today, and the graduate left the party to scour the city for one. He came up short, though I told him to just go online and buy one. Of course, he wanted one right now, so much so, that I almost walked away with a free Xbox One S, as his plan was to buy a series X, and take it back when he found an S. He sold his Series X a year back. Fool.   

I myself, haven't dug into the game much. My friends are having a blast, some joking that they won't see their significant other for the next 72 hours. The jokes are fun and abundant, especially the gif I saw saying that College Football solves all the worlds problems. Yes, even that one. 

EA, you have a hit on your hands. Don't mess this up. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go continue to anger my fellow Ohioans, whilst playing with Michigan. Go BLUE! 

D&D's Pharoah adventure was made by the same people that made Strahd and Dragonlance

by: Randy -

Two things about Pharaoh. One, I'll never be able to spell the word "pharaoh" on the first try. Two, the existence of this Dungeons & Dragons adventure fascinates me as a cultural relic. Pharaoh was written by married D&D power couple Tracy and Laura Hickman. The Hickmans wrote the adventure Ravenloft. And Ravenloft is home to the most beloved of Big Bad Evil Guys: Strahd. Count Strahd von Zarovich, if you're nasty.

Pharaoh was the Hickmans' foot in the door at  D&D headquarters. With its lonely antagonist cursed to wander the Desert of Desolation indefinitely, it's hard to not see Pharaoh as the literal progenitor to the lonely antagonist cursed to wander a castle of desolation indefinitely—Strahd. Likewise, Pharaoh's pyramid is a place designed for insidious traps and monsters, just as Strahd's castle would become.

Not only that, but creating discrete headers and popouts for sections of the adventure—"tricky trap"—was quickly adapted into other D&D adventures going forward. Technological advancements don't always come in the form of 3D tabletop battle maps and digital minis. Sometimes tech advancements are something as simple as readability and playability. 

Pharaoh is one of six old school adventures that've been hand-selected to appear in Quests From the Infinite Staircase adventure anthology. All of the adventures therein have been revamped from 1st Edition to 5th Edition D&D.

This video also talks about something called the Tears of Athas. Now, if you're a fan of the Dark Sun campaign setting, then the word "Athas" is setting off alarm bells. That's the name of the planet that Dark Sun takes place in. I'm quietly freaking out just thinking about it, even if they're ignoring the fact that they just said the word "Athas."

Now, if you turn on YouTube's closed captions, YouTube takes a stab at it and types "athys." Whether it's Athas or athys—or some third spelling of the word—we won't know until I buy the book or Wizards of the Coast makes the book available to me for assessment. Ahem. Wizards of the Coast. Makes the book available. To me. Assessment.

(Too many folks in the tabletop roleplaying industry like to call that a "review." But review always sounds disingenuous to me. Especially when you haven't played through the adventure and you're just skimming pages. I mean, we typically review video games here at Gaming Nexus. None of our writers would skim the instruction manual and then write a review of that game without actually playing the game. So. There's my two gold pieces on that.)

Quests From the Infinite Staircase is out now on D&D Beyond, in both digital and hardcover formats. Folks are traipsing up and down those stairs as we speak, on the road to level 13 if they complete them all.

Details emerging about changes in EA Sports FC 25

by: Rob -

I wrote yesterday about the cover star for EA SPORTS FC 25 and wondered aloud when details would be incoming about any updates or changes in this second year under the new moniker for the premier soccer video game franchise. Well, turns out the press release had already been a day earlier to that very effect and I had just missed it. So what's new? Well we have a new 5v5 mode in Rush, tactical foundations are being overhauled through FC IQ, women's football is joining Career mode, as well as real world Live Start Points being introduced to Career mode.

  • Rush - a new 5v5 social game mode. It takes the numbers closer to some other street modes but is incorporating the gameplay from the classic 11v11 modes. Rush is playable in FUT, Clubs, and quickplay Kick Off. It will also be incorporated into career mode at the youth academy level in playable tournaments. The basic premise is 4v4 with real players on the pitch and each team having a 5th with an AI controlled goalkeeper. 
  • FC IQ - AI that uses real-world data to modernize and iterate on both Hypermotion V and PlayStlyes. It will influence player tactics, player roles, and team tactics based on how teams actually play in the real world. 
  • Live Start Points - join a team in career mode after certain milestones such as the winter transfer window or managerial changes. 

EA SPORTS FC 25 releases September 27th for PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Series X|S, PC, and the Nintendo Switch. Early Access is available September 20th by pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition or get a limited 10 hour trial window with an EA Play subscription. Pre-orders before August 20th will get some additional items for FUT that are usable in both 25 when it releases and the current iteration, EA SPORTS FC 24. There is still no rhyme or reason in my mind as to why the entire title of the game is capitalized but that's the awkward way EA does it so I'll stick to the same. 

Going to end this with the same trailer as the last post because 1) it's the only trailer we have for the game at the moment and 2) I just love that Radiohead song, "Everything In It's Right Place."

TMNT Splintered Fate is now available, looks familiar

by: Joseph -

Pending my review, I have had a good handful of runs with the new TMNT game, handled this time by Super Evil Mega Corp. The game follows the Splinter gets attacked, Shredder is the big bad formula, but with the Rogue Like twist, like a game I used to play all the time before I got frustrated with losing at, and that game is Hades. Yes, I agree. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Splintered Fate is VERY similar to Hades. 

I won't get into much more, but it is available, and there are some stories unknown to me here. For instance, the Punk Frogs are on the bad side in this game, and who is "Nobody"? I've never heard of that character. There are so many things I need to say about this game, but for now, just watch the stream below if you want some non spoiler, but kind of spoiler stuff. In this stream I play with all four turtles, and fail each time. And yes, you will get shell shocked. It's what the game wants. Enjoy. 

EA Sports FC has its cover star for 25

by: Rob -

The Euros and Copa America just wrapped up and all of the focus for the global soccer calendar is now squarely on the start of next year. The story is the same for the digital soccer-sphere and EA Sports FC 25 is making its first announcement for the upcoming installation in the franchise with their new face of the game, Jude Bellingham. Having just fallen short with England for Euro glory to Spain but winning the premier club competition with Real Madrid, Bellingham is one of the biggest rising stars in the entire world. The specific image chose for the cover was his own celebration delivered just after scoring the late stoppage time winner against Real's fierce rivals Barcelona last April. 

I'm excited to hear more about EA Sports FC 25 and dig into gameplay and game mode enhancements but for now all we get is cover and reveal trailer hype. Although eagle eyed viewers might note the small field 5v5 in the trailer complete with old late 90s MLS style 1v1 shootouts in the trailer. Interested to see where that mode goes. It all feels very much like the preseason snippets of news that might be filtering in from whomever is your European club team at the moment. 

The Plucky Squire still looks amazing in new gameplay trailer

by: Jason -

The Plucky Squire developer All Possible Futures and its publishing overlords at Devolver Digital have shared a new gameplay trailer for 2D-3D hybrid adventure RPG, The Plucky Squire, and yep, it still looks amazing. The latest trailer shows off a few minutes of jetpack traversal, 3D action RPG combat, 2D side-scrolling combat, platforming, and more. There is simply no overstating how cool this game looks. Check out the latest trailer below as we await an official release date. All we know at the moment is that it’s dropping this year for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.