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Who We Are

Gaming Nexus was started in 1997 to provide web readers with high quality game reviews and news. We were away for a short time as we merged with a few companies but now we're back in full force. Based out of Columbus, Ohio Gaming Nexus looks to bring you great coverage on PC and console games and hardware.

Our Staff

Ethics Policy

Gaming Nexus is written by a team of passionate (and volunteer) gamers who provide content for the website for free. We do not consider ourselves "Games Journalists" but rather "Game Writers" who do this out of a passion for the industry. While we are not professional writers it doesn’t mean that we won’t act as professionals, We make this distinction because we don’t quite meet the academic definition of a game journalist although we aspire to do so.

We are here to serve our readers. We write for our readers because they/you are the ones who make us what we are and without you there isn’t a point to having this site. We do not write for the game companies, their PR people, or the developers.

The following is our contract with our readers and we will do everything in our power to make sure that contract is honored. We aren't perfect and any breaches of that contract should be reported immediately.

Gaming Nexus does not accept or receive money for advertising on the site. Something you might notice by the lack of ads on this site. All site costs (hosting and mailing) are paid for out of the pockets of our editors. Gaming Nexus retains the right to incorporate advertisements in the future.

Review/Preview Products and promotional items
Without advertising money, we do not have access to funds to buy all of the games we review. We are provided with most of the products we review from the publishers and manufacturers of the product. All products received from the manufacturer will be clearly identified as such at the end of each review.

Gaming Nexus does not accept any review product in exchange for a set review scope or for any financial gain and we do not discuss review scores ahead of time with publishers. We do honor review embargoes but will not exchange the ability to publish a review early because it meets a publisher set threshold.

Reviewers get to keep the products they review unless the manufacturer requests it back. Any surplus product is held for contests, donated to charity, thrown away, or collects dust in the back of a closet next to a replica of the Ark of the Covenant.

Preview/Review Events Policy
In order to cover all the games you want to read about, we allow our writers to go to publisher sponsored press tours to play preview builds of games. Any preview that is based on one of these trips will clearly labeled along with details of what was paid for by the publisher.

Writers covering these preview events will not be permitted to review the final product unless there is no other choice. If this happens, there will be notification and a link in the review. Gaming Nexus writers do not accept gifts, donations, or take advantage of the situation to personally enhance themselves.

As a site that is based in Ohio and does not have advertising revenue, we are forced to accept this as a necessary evil until Ohio becomes a hot bed of game development.

We will do our best to source all of our news to its proper source. If you feel that we've incorrectly attributed something please let us know.

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