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Jason Dailey


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Hello! My name is Jason Dailey, and I am noob here at Gaming Nexus. When not working my day job, I moonlight as a husband and father to two dogs (The Dogfather). Of course, I am also an avid gamer and general nerd. My favorite genres of games are strategy, management, city-builders, sports games, RPGs, and shooters, but I don't limit myself to those. My favorite game of all-time is Red Dead Redemption 2 and I have somehow played it for nearly 1,000 hours.

My first video game system was the NES and I never looked back. I currently play on PS5 and PS Vita, although I recently dabbled in Xbox Game Pass on PC for a short while. I co-host a weekly PlayStation news podcast with a lifelong friend/family member called The Dual Sense Podcast, so I stay pretty well versed in that ecosystem. Before that, I co-hosted a basketball podcast.

Beyond gaming, you can usually find me courting my wife, cuddling my dogs, or binging a television series. I would love to chat about my favorite shows with you, just ask! I'm also a big sports fan and in the last couple of years have gotten heavily into soccer (football), specifically the English Premier League. Up the Toffees! I'm also a huge basketball fan and I keep up with the general sports scene as well.

Follow me on Twitter @TheDualSensePod, or check out my YouTube channel.


Currently Playing: Cult of the Lamb  Battlefield 2042  MultiVersus  The Last of Us Part I  NBA 2k23 
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