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Preview by: Charles Husemann
Platforms: PC   XBO  
Find out what's in store for Path of Exile in 2017
Preview by: Randy Kalista
Platforms: PC  
Randy becomes a queen of the stone age in Conan Exiles. He spends a dozen near-naked hours—some solid, some laggy—in Early Access.
Preview by: Rob Larkin
Platforms: PC  
MERC is a slick interpretation of an increasingly crowded field of real time tactical combat, but does it do enough?
Preview by: Sean Colleli
Platforms: PC  
Sean takes a look at a new game from the Godfather of survival horror.
Preview by: Russell Archey
Platforms: PC   PS4   XBO  
Russell flew out to San Francisco, courtesy of Ubisoft, to check out a preview of Ghost Recon: Wildlands.
Preview by: Nathan Carter
Platforms: PS4  
We send Nathan into the dinosaur-infested and bug-ridden lands of ARK: Survival Evolved and its expansion, Scorched Earth. He died so much.
Preview by: John Yan
Platforms: PC   VR  
Crotream's first foray into VR is with crowd favorite, Serious Sam.
Preview by: Michelle Morris
Platforms: PC  
There are many theme park games in development at the moment, but only Planet Coaster is bringing creative design and detail to the table.
Preview by: Russell Archey
Platforms: 360   PS3   PS4   XBO  
Russell returns to San Francisco courtesy of 2K to check out WWE 2K17.
Preview by: Aidan Kelly
Platforms: PC  
Aidan checks out the early access of the new 4X game and talks about why this game should be on your radar.