Street Fighter V getting one more season of DLC throughout the next year and a half

by: Nathan -

Street Fighter V still has a little bit left in the tank and Capcom announced the game will be getting one last season of DLC starting this Winter and lasting until Fall 2021.

The new season will include five characters, stages, costumes and more. At first I was disappointed to see that we are gonna have to wait a year and a half to get all this content but at the same time it's understandable as Covid must have derailed their original plans. 

Here are the characters that we are getting throughout the next year...

Winter 2020 - Dan 

Spring 2021 - Rose

Summer 2021 - Oro and Akira 

Fall 2021 - Unannounced character

Hellbound is ready to make Steam bloodier

by: Sean Colleli -

After a successful Kickstarter campaign and over two years of development, Argentinian developer Saibot studios has unleashed Hellbound onto Steam. The game is billed as a 90s shooter 30 years later and it seems to fit the bill. I'm getting a very Quake 3 vibe from the trailer and I think it's funny that they even take a shot at Doom Eternal's glory kills. These Argentinian folks are apparently purists about their FPS. Interestingly, Hellbound does not adopt a 90s visual aesthetic like other retro shooters like Dusk or Nightmare Reaper; it's quite pretty in a modern sense, very fast, relentlessly violent and has a bit of a foul mouth to boot. Music to my ears.

Hellbound is also budget priced at $14.99, although you can get it 20% off for $11.99 until August 11th. The renaissance of the so-called "boomer shooter" doesn't seem to have an end in sight and I say the more the bloodier. Between up-and-comers like Nightmare Reaper and sublime modern classics like Amid Evil and Ion Fury, and with extremely promising titles like Prodeus and Wrath: Aeon of Ruin on the horizon, Hellbound is in good company.

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Pikmin 3 Deluxe crash lands on Switch this October

by: Sean Colleli -

It looks like another Wii U exclusive is getting a second chance on Nintendo Switch. Pikmin 3 Deluxe is bringing Shigeru Miyamoto's unique take on the RTG genre to the portable on October 30th, with all of the original DLC in tow and new content featuring longstanding series protagonists Olimar and Louie. I quite enjoyed Pikmin 3 when it arrived way back in 2013 (GN score 8.5) and I'm particularly curious about how this upgraded port will control. Ironically the best control method for Pikmin remains the Wii Remote, which made the Wii ports of the first two games a lot easier to play than the GameCube originals. Perhaps Nintendo is working Joy Con motion controls into Pikmin 3 Deluxe?

It's also good to see another Wii U game get a new lease on life. Wii U didn't have much market penetration outside of the Nintendo faithful, which is too bad because there were a lot of great games on the platform if you gave it a chance. Here's hoping this is a continuing trend and we see more of the Wii U library show up on Switch.

Logitech's latest wheel gives you all the feels with the G923

by: John -

It's been a while since Logitech has come out with a racing wheel, but today they're going full force with the announcement of the Logitech G923 Racing Wheel and Pedals. The new wheel is set to deliver another level of immersion with improved force feedback as well as other improvements.

The G923 will be made for both the Xbox and PlayStation 4 as well as their next generation siblings. Besides working on the current and next consoles, the PC will also have support for the two wheels, just like the G920 and G29. We reviewed both the PlayStation and Xbox variants when they were released many years ago.

TRUEFORCE is the name of Logitech's next generation in force feedback system and it's suppose to deliver a more accurate feel to whats happening on the screen. It processes up to 4000 times a second and has a wider range of force feedback than its predecessors.

The wheel itself has programmable dual clutch launch controls and onboard controls that are specific to the console version you pick up. Logitech is also touting a progressive break that should be more responsive to you.

Coming in at $399.99, both console variants will be available this month in both Europe and America.

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Stream your Xbox Game Pass games to your phone starting next month

by: Randy -

Project xCloud is coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on September 15. According to, Microsoft's cloud gaming platform, xCloud—which is still in beta—makes its way onto Microsoft's video game subscription service, the now-rebranded Game Pass. That means you'll have access to over 100 games on your Android mobile phone or tablet from the cloud.

If this video resembles a Nintendo Switch ad—where Millennials with model good looks are playing games on rooftops, shorelines, or seemingly in quarantine—then you're picking up what Microsoft is putting down. You'll need these five things:

  • Game Pass Ultimate monthly subscription
  • Android mobile device
  • Xbox Game Pass mobile app
  • Compatible Xbox controller
  • High-speed LTE or wi-fi connection

That may sound like a lot, but perhaps you're lucky enough to have already be bought into most of this ecosystem. Me? I'm only short one Xbox controller since I went with PS4 this past generation. Otherwise, I'm 80% of the way there. 

Due to a word-of-mouth campaign sometime last year, I snagged three years' worth of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $5/mo. There are frequent deals to be found, but Game Pass Ultimate is currently going for $15/mo. Regardless, Game Pass is the best deal in video gaming right now, and knowing that xCloud is coming to Game Pass Ultimate absolutely seals the deal for me: I'm jumping ship, and heading from Sony back to Microsoft for this upcoming generation. 

Stadia releases Relicta day one, announces Borderlands 3 free weekend

by: Eric -

In a post today on the Stadia Community Blog, Stadia announced the release of new exploration/puzzle game Relicta. Set on the moon, Relicta is a first-person physics-based puzzle game that challenges players to use a combination of gravity and magnetism to solve a variety of environmental puzzles. Check out the trailer:

Interestingly, Relicta released today for a number of platforms, meaning that Stadia released the game on the first day it was out. While Stadia has been playing catch-up with other platforms, day one releases have been uncommon, but are becoming more frequent. Stadia is expected to receive several AAA titles on day one in the fall, including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Marvel’s Avengers.

Also announced today was a free-to-play weekend for Borderlands 3. Stadia Pro members will have access to the full game from Thursday, August 6 at p AM PT through August 9. If you can get through Borderlands 3 in four days, that’s like getting a free game!

Speaking of free games, don’t forget to snag Just Shapes and Beats, Kona, Metro 2033 Redux, and Strange Brigade, which are free for Pro members right now.

Razer's Kishi gets a Designed for Xbox version

by: John -

The Razer Kishi seems to be a very nice controller for your Android or iOS phone that lets you get a Switch like experience with your mobile device. Released not too long ago, the Kishi can provide comfortable gaming with a multitude of controls that console gamers are used to when on the go.

Today Razer announced a Designed For Xbox version of the Kishi for Android devices which will come with a 14-day free trial subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or just Game Pass as they will be later known. It also adds the Xbox Nexus, View, and Menu buttons so you can go in and out of the Xbox navigation system easier.

$99.99 is how much the Razer Kishi costs and it's available now.

New EA UFC 4 trailer shows off all the updates to career mode

by: Nathan -

EA UFC 4 got a new trailer and showcases all the updates to career mode and I am very excited about this. I played through EA UFC 3's career mode multiple times and this looks like something I may play through even more. 

This time around it looks like the career mode will get more cinematics as we are introduced to Coach Davis, a new interactive coach that will guide your through the MMA world. 

One of the coolest new additions to the game is choosing your path on how you want to get to the UFC. You can fight through amateur circuits, go through the WFA or you can take your luck at getting a contract through Dana White's Contender series. 

Probably the silliest things about EA UFC 3 was that when your fighter didn't get their contract renewed, their career was automatically over as if UFC is the only MMA organization in the world. EA UFC 4 expands on this by allowing you to revive your career by working your way back to the UFC through the WFA and you can also move up and down weight classes and hold multiple titles. 

We also get to build our fighter the way we want to and our fighters will grow based on how you choose to fight and you can invite specific fighters to your camp to help build your skills. 

EA UFC 4 launches on PS4 and Xbox One on August 14th

Go a bit "Behind the Schemes" with Mediatonic and Fall Guys

by: Russell -

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the online multiplayer obstacle course game, launches August 4th, 2020 on Steam and PS4. Matches in Fall Guys consist of up to sixty players competing in various games inspired by shows such as Wipeout and Ninja Warrior with each round eliminating a certain number of players until only one is left standing. In this installment of Behind the Schemes, JT finds himself at the Mediatonic offices in London, interrogating developers, and forcing them to take part in his real-life Fall Guys obstacle course. The video goes into the creative process behind Fall Guys from the original pitch to character designs and classic game show inspirations. Fall Guys will launch at $19.99 on both Steam and PS4, and will also be free for PS Plus members.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will support all Windows Mixed Reality headsets on VR launch

by: John -

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft Flight Simulator will be coming out on August 18th. With that announcement, Microsoft also said that VR will be supported and it was mentioned in the press release. Specifically, the HP Reverb G2 headset was talked about, which is natural considering Microsoft was partnering with HP and Valve for this high end headset.

A few sites took that as it was ONLY coming to the G2 initially, but I was skeptical as the press release didn't mention any HMD exclusivity. Yesterday, Microsoft clarified the VR feature a little more as they said all Windows Mixed Reality headsets will be getting the VR feature first with more headsets to come later.

While VR won't be available at launch date, it'll come sometime afterwards and I wouldn't be surprised if someone developed a program to allow for other headsets to play the game in VR while Microsoft has it tied to Windows Mixed Reality headsets. We've seen it for other closed platforms in the HMD space.

With that, those with Windows Mixed Reality headsets will enjoy Microsoft Flight Simulator in VR first. Microsoft Flight Simulator will be out on PC on August 18th on both Steam and Windows Store.