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The next Star Wars game from Respawn Entertainment is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

by: John -

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was a game that many Star Wars fan enjoyed. I really tried to get into it, but I gave stopped playing after a few hours. It didn't hook me in, but I can see why people enjoyed it.

That said, the game's getting a sequel in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Coming in 2023, continues Cal's story five years after the previous game. The Grand Inquisitor has been making his rounds being in the new Obi Wan Disney+ show and he shows up in the teaser for Survivor. Also, who is that person the Bacta tank that Cal is looking at at the end?

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be out next year for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Dragon Quest Builders digs its way onto iOS and Android

by: Elliot -

One of those surprise hits for me was Dragon Quest Builders. I played it only because it had a demo on the Switch, and at the time and I was in between playing anything else. In the Dragon Quest Builders, “players use their creativity to gather materials and craft unique items to rebuild the ruined realm of Alefgard. The title provides a sandbox gaming experience with endless building possibilities and features an intuitive control system that will have players building the towers and castles of their own to protect the world from the treacherous Dragonlord, an iconic Dragon Quest monster.”

Now the game is available on iOS and Android devices. “It is also launching with new DLC: including a Boss Monster Model Set, Astronomy Set, a Pixel Ring, and a Magic Carpet, that can be used in “Terra Incognita” (Free Build Mode). Players can explore multiple terrains in the fun-filled, action-packed game as well as take advantage of upgraded controls for mobile for a smoother crafting experience.”

The additional content in Terra Incognita includes:

  • Boss Monster Model Set – Players can unpack several giant posable monster figures that can be added to their worlds.
  • Astronomy Set – Players can light up the night sky with 10 stars and planets to bring the beauty of the galaxy to their backyard.
  • Pixel Ring – More than just a pretty accessory, players can wear a Pixel Ring that grants higher number of “pixels” when defeating an enemy in “Terra Incognita”, which players can then use to create special items on the “Dragon Quest Game Pak” workstation.
  • Magic Carpet – Builders can use a magic carpet as they observe, build, and explore their structures from the sky, as well as listen to special music as they travel.
  • All-in-One-Pack – A set of the above 4 additional content.

If you are interested, SQUARE ENIX is having a “Release Celebration Sale” for the first 2 weeks from launch and the price will be reduced from $29.99 to $21.99.

Try Mario Strikers: Battle League ahead of the June 10 release

by: Elliot -

I am patiently awaiting Mario Strikers: Battle League. The full game launches for the Nintendo Switch on June 10. If, like me, you just can not wait that long I have some good news for you. The Mario Strikers: Battle League First Kick demo event is now available to download for free in Nintendo eShop and in the My Nintendo Store, and is open to all Nintendo Switch Online members, as well as anyone using a free Nintendo Switch Online seven-day trial. I’m hoping this will give me a leg up on all those ten year olds who don’t know about the demo.

The Mario Strikers: Battle League First Kick demo event includes access to online team battles, available June 3-5, as well as a training mode and some pre-season “friendlies” (I’ve been told that’s a soccer term). The training mode will teach you all of the basics, shooting, passing, and tackles. The demo will even cover more advanced moves and skills. You’ll be able to take on other strikers online in team battles at the following times:

  • June 3, 11pm-12am EST
  • June 4, 7-8am EST
  • June 4, 3-4pm EST
  • June 4, 11pm-12am EST
  • June 5, 7-8am EST
  • June 5, 3-4pm EST

Jack Move I.C.E. Breaker demo is brief, but packs in a lot of cyber-fun

by: Eric -

Who says that a demo for a game has to be a couple of hours long to hook you into playing? The Jack Move I.C.E. Breaker demo, available right now on Steam, comes in at a clean 20 minutes, and after playing through it, I totally want to dive into the full game.

Jack Move is an upcoming pixel-art RPG from HypeTrain Digital. Players take on the role of Noa, a young jacker who must take on the underworld when she is swept into the search for her missing father. The game has some serious cyberpunk/Shadowrun vibes, with a great soundtrack and some pretty stellar throwback/modern artwork.

Those that want to check out the demo for themselves can do so on Steam - or, if you have 20 minutes, you can check out my playthrough below. 

There is no official release date on the full Jack Move game yet, but it is expected at some point later in 2022. You can wishlist the game here.  

PC open beta for Bloodbowl 3 begins soon

by: Nathan -

Last year we got a closed and very early beta for Bloodbowl 3 the game showed lots of promise but there were some typical beta issues like bugs and glitches but the biggest issue was the really obnoxious UI that would obscure the screen since they would just be greyed out when not in use. Now though the community will get a chance to play the open beta and they can play it really soon. We got a new gameplay trailer with the announcement as well and it's looking pretty great.

The beta will begin on June 1st, 2022 on Steam and will end on June 12th. You can register for the beta on their official website. 


Sony looking to bring at least half of their first party games to the PC by 2025

by: John -

It hasn't been too long since Sony started putting out some of their games on the PC. Well, it seems like the experiment is a rousing success because Sony wants at least half their first party games on the PC by 2025.

As reported by The Verge, Sony had their investor day and one of their talking points was how well the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, and Days Gone with revenue from those three over $100 million to date. Sony expects to triple that with a forecast of $300 million this fiscal year.

It's pretty great news for those who own PCs but still can't find a PlayStation. Although I expect the supply to be available by 2025, having the ability to play some first party Sony games on the PC is a great option.

Sony's also looking into the mobile space as well as new TV shows so expanding to new mediums seems to be a priority for the PlayStation brand.

Cyberpunk action platformer REPLACED delayed to 2023

by: Henry -

Today, developer Sad Cat Studios announced that their upcoming game REPLACED would be delayed to 2023. The main reasoning behind the delay is due to the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia as the studio is located in Belarus.

REPLACED is a 2.5D sci-fi retro-futuristic action platformer where you play as R.E.A.C.H. – an artificial intelligence trapped in a human body against its own will. Explore the world, push your body’s limits in intense combat and learn what it’s like to be a living being. REPLACED combines cinematic platforming, pixel art and free-flow action combat with a deep, engaging dystopian story set in an alternative 1980s.

The game will be available in 2023 for Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

Check out the official Twitter announcement below:

Heads up 2D3D fans - Codename: Wandering Sword brings a Wuxia-style adventure to Steam

by: Eric -

Codename: Wandering Sword, currently under development by indie game studio Xiameng, is bringing a huge open world RPG Wuxia-style adventure to Steam. But the best news about the game? Take a look at this trailer:

Yup, it looks like Nintendo isn't the only publisher capable of putting out games in the beloved 2D3D graphical style, because Xiameng is absolutely nailing it in this game, using Unreal Engine to give the game that modern/classic look.

Codename: Wandering Sword also promises to bring a cool choice of combat styles to players when it arrives, allowing you to choose between traditional turn-based combat and real-time combat, depending on how you like to handle baddies. The game also boasts realistic NPCs, with advanced behavioral AI which allows them to take on their own study of martial arts to grow their own power. The game promises that you will be able to recruit most characters to come along with your party, making the game very open-ended.

There is no official release date listed yet for Codename: Wandering Sword, but you can keep an eye on the game's progress at the official Steam page.

Pony fighter Them's Fightin' Herds comes to consoles this fall

by: Eric -

We can talk all about the origins of Maximum Games 2D fighter Them's Fightin' Herds, but one look at the trailer and we're all on the same page. We're talking about that game that has My Little Ponies stomping each other. 

Sure, they aren't official My Little Pony characters. But come on. Look at this thing. Listen to those voices. Check out that animation. Those are My Little Ponies. Or at least pony cousins.

If it all looks pretty familiar, that's because the characters were designed by Lauren Faust (producer and developer for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I know. It is shocking.) The game features four-button combat with a number of modes, allowing players to practice in single player before jumping online for some pony (and deer, and cow) showdowns against players around the globe. 

And I'm totally here for it. Them's Fightin' Herds has been on PC for a little while now, retailing on Steam for $14.99 with a Very Positive review rating. So people are digging it. The good news for console fans is that publisher Modus Games today announced that these hooved fighters are coming to console this fall. Expect to see Them's Fightin' Herds appear on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch sometime this fall. 

Asmodee's Gloomhaven is coming to consoles next year

by: Russell -

Asmodee Digital has announced that their tactical RPG inspired by the best-selling board game Gloomhaven will be hitting consoles in 2023. Gloomhaven launched a little while back on Steam and GOG.com for PC and Mac, and next year it's time for console players to join. Gloomhaven mixes card-based strategy and dungeon crawling with solo play and online co-op, and each of Gloomhaven's seventeen unique characters have their own skills and abilities to master. While the trailer looks impressive it doesn't quite say which consoles Gloomhaven will be coming to, but more information should become available as next year draws closer.