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505 Games and Epic Games tease the reveal of a project at The Game Awards

by: Jason -

Game publishers 505 Games and Epic Games are collaborating on a new project, which they have teased in a new video directed at The Game Awards host, Geoff Keighley. The short video, which you can view in the Tweet below, features Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill actor Michael Madsen, who returns a lost wallet to a receptionist.


The wallet contains fake $1 bills appearing to don the face of a younger Madsen, as well as a QR code that leads to a website called visitrockaycity.com. The website depicts a metropolitan city (presumably Rockay City) in what appears to be a warm-weather locale based on the presence of palm trees.

I enjoy a nice mildly cryptic game tease just as much as the next guy, and the good news is that we don't have to wait long to find out what this game is, as The Game Awards are just around the corner on Thursday, December 8th.

Co-op zombie shooter After the Fall coming day one to PlayStation VR2

by: Jason -

Developer Vertigo Games Rotterdam announced today that cooperative zombie shooter After the Fall will be making the leap to PlayStation VR2, releasing on the next-gen headset day one on February 22nd, 2023.

The PS VR2 port, dubbed the “Complete Edition”, will feature a number of upgrades, including 4K resolution, high dynamic range, headset feedback, support for the Sense controller's haptics and adaptive triggers, a 110-degree field of view, and full cross-platform multiplayer. Two new locations are also being added: Hospital and Subway, which you can get a look at in a brand new trailer below.

If you’re unfamiliar, After the Fall is a cooperative shooter where up to four players decimate hordes of zombies in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. Craft and upgrade dozens of weapons as you complete a mission-based campaign. If PvP is more your thing, there is also a competitive mode called the “Tundradrome”.

After the Fall has also been nominated for the “Best of VR” honor at The Game Awards 2022, and developer Vertigo Games Rotterdam previously made popular VR shooter Arizona Sunshine. It will soon be available to wishlist on the PlayStation Store, and I must say, I will definitely be adding it to mine. Give it to me now, please! Anyone want to homicide zombie hordes with me?

Get a peek at ‘HELL-A’ in Dead Island 2 showcase on December 6th

by: Jason -

Publisher Deep Silver and developer Dambuster Studios announced that they will hold a Dead Island 2 showcase event on December 6th. Titled “Another Day in HELL-A”, the event will introduce new gameplay features by way of a live action film. It seems that following the film, we will also be treated to a new extended gameplay trailer.

I’m not sold on the whole live action film aspect, but the jury is out. Dead Island 2 is a recent victim of the dreaded “D” word, having been delayed to a new release date of April 28th, 2023. You can check out a teaser trailer for the showcase below, and then tune in at 12pm PST on December 6th to catch the entire showcase on Deep Silver’s Twitch channel.

Monster Hunter Rise coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Game Pass January 20, 2023

by: Henry -

Capcom has officially announced that their massively successful Monster Hunter Rise would be coming to a multitude of platforms early next year. The game came out back in March 2021 on Nintendo Switch and early 2022 on PC to very positive reception. Monster Hunter Rise comes after the widely popular Monster Hunter World, with brand new maps, weapons, and mechanics to take down gigantic monsters. It wouldn't be a Monster Hunter game without multiplayer because Rise supports teams up to four players to take on targets together. 

Check out all the features supported on the new platforms below:

  • 4K 60FPS support
  • 3D audio

The massive expansion Sunbreak will arrive on these new platforms sometime Spring 2023. In case you missed it, check out Eric's review on Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter Rise is coming to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, Game Pass, PS5, and PS4 on January 20, 2023. The game is available now on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Pre-purchases get the following in game goodies:

  • Palamute Retriever Costume layered armor
  • Palico Forest Cat Costume layered armor
  • Novice Talisman for extra assistance in the early stages

There will also be free DLC armor for beginning players called the "Guild Cross" armor set and Legacy Talisman.

Check out the official announcement trailer below:

Amnesia: The Bunker announced; Set during WWI & introduces combat for the first time

by: Henry -

The famous Amnesia series is back as Frictional Games has just announced the next game in the franchise, titled Amnesia: The Bunker! The first person horror game returns this time during World War One in a desolate bunker. The Bunker proves to be a pivotal point in the beloved series as it introduces high levels of freedom and combat for the first time. You will have access to a revolver pistol and a flashlight as you make your way across the bunker in the shoes of a French soldier. A semi-open world and minimal scripted events will be utilized, so every player's experience will be different.

Frictional Games stresses that there are multiple ways to approach puzzles and progression in order to ultimately make it out alive. The game encourages you to explore and use whatever tools at your disposal in order to overcome the horrors haunting in the shadows. Player choice is stressed more than ever with creatures adapting to your playstyle and choices. The Amnesia franchise has never failed to instill fear into the players and The Bunker is sizing up to be a horrific treat when it releases next year.

Amnesia: The Bunker is coming to PC via Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation in March 2023. You can wishlist the game now on Steam to support the developers!

Check out the official announcement trailer below:

Step into the biggest of shoes in free demo for I Am Jesus Christ

by: Jason -

Simulation game I Am Jesus Christ, from developer SimulaM and publisher PlayWay, is now offering a free 60-minute prologue on Steam. The Biblical title is scheduled to launch on Steam Early Access sometime in 2023, and will follow the life of Jesus Christ from his birth in Bethlehem to his crucifixion and resurrection.

I Am Jesus Christ (no, not me!) is based on the best-selling book of all-time – The Bible – and SimulaM has specifically chosen the New International Version of The Bible for this particular retelling of Jesus’ life. The game will include the usual mechanics you might be used to, such as quests, abilities, traversing an open world version of the Holy Land, and even a boss fight against Satan himself. As Jesus, players will also meet a cast of more than 60 Biblical characters and perform over 30 miracles, from turning water into wine to resurrecting the dead – all in a first-person perspective.

If you’ve read this far, you might be wondering, “why make a game where you play as Jesus Christ?”. It’s simple, according to SimulaM CEO Maksym Vysochanskiy:

“Our goal with this game is simple. We want to provide an opportunity for players to visit the historical places where Jesus Christ lived and breathed, and to learn from him by playing his story.”

Fair enough. You can download the free prologue or learn more about I Am Jesus Christ at the game’s Steam page.

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Railbound makes its way to Switch

by: Elliot -

If you like puzzles and trains then Railbound might be for you. “Railbound is a comfy track-bending puzzle game about a pair of dogs on a train journey around the world. Join, sever, and rearrange railways across different beautiful landscapes. Use tracks, tunnels, barriers, and more to connect carriages in the right order and help passengers reach their destinations.” Railbound came out in September for PC and mobile devices but has just made the jump to Switch. There are over 150 puzzles to complete; you play using either the Joy-Cons or the touch screen. Railbound is currently 10% off on Steam and the Nintendo eShop.

New, free Path of Exile expansion launches Dec 9

by: Elliot -

I’ve tried three or four times to get into Path of Exile, each time playing a little longer than the last time. I have good friends who play every time a new season rolls around. I’m sure they’re looking forward to the upcoming expansion too. Developer Grinding Gear Games has begun to share some of the new details about the upcoming free Path of Exile expansion, The Forbidden Sanctum, which is set to release on Friday, December 9 on PC, and Wednesday, December 14, for PlayStation and Xbox.

“The Forbidden Sanctum is a roguelike that takes place within Path of Exile. Players will explore an ancient sanctum which is rumored to be hidden beneath the Fellshrine Ruins. Long abandoned, a malevolent presence has taken hold. In each area of Wraeclast they play through, players will have the opportunity to explore one room of the Sanctum as they search for its treasures.” A few other new features include a brand new Challenge League and improvements to Path of Exile's endgame, among others. This expansion also introduces Ruthless, an optional new way to play Path of Exile with extreme item scarcity. Ruthless mode can be selected during character creation. Ruthless is all about extreme item scarcity, which creates a challenging and brutal way to play Path of Exile.

Inscryption is infecting all the things, now on Nintendo Switch

by: Rob -

Inscryption is an awesome game, and it's popping up everywhere. It debuted as a PC game over a year ago, where Eric gave it a perfect 10 in his review. Then it moved over to PS4 and PS5, rather quietly in my opinion. I just saw it the other day named the Mac Game of the Year in the App Store Awards.  And now we got the good news about the Switch port. I can't go too much into Inscryption for fear of giving away any spoilers, but it's a very narrative driven card game, until it isn't anymore. Then it is again. You'll understand when you play it - and given that it's excellent and on just about every system under the sun there is no reason not to. Really, the only thing that is not awesome about Inscryption is how autocorrect fights me every time I try to type out the daggum name with a y instead of and i. Damn you, autocorrect! 

You can find Inscryption on the Nintendo Store after the age gate, or on any of the other various online marketplaces across the systems. Trailer below - watch it, go buy the game, and just play it already. 

Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider gets a release date

by: joseph -

I played the demo of Vengeful Guardian Moonrider a little while back, and was very very impressed with the Ninja Gaiden/Mega Man 2D side scrolling adventure. We now have a release date for the game, and that is January 12th. It will release on PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and 5, and Amazon Luna. JoyMasher (Blazing Chrome) and The Arcade Guys (Infernax) are making it happen. 

Here's a refresher. You are Moonrider, a cyborg ninja who is tired of the totalitarian reign of your creators. You've seen enough slaughter, and you've decided to turn on them, for the greater good. You have plenty of offense at the beginning, like your sword and a dive kick, but as the game progresses, you will get more weapons and cut your way through enemies, mid bosses, and super size end bosses. Made in the 16-bit style, similar to a Sega Genesis game, Vengeful Guardian Moonrider will definitely keep you glued to your CRT, if you're into that sort of thing. Announcement in video form below!