JumpJet Rex boosts to PS4, makes you rad

by: Dan C -
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The original "coolest dinosaur ever" just got a whole lot cooler. JumpJet Rex straps rocket boots to a Tyrannosaurus Rex for a fast paced adventure through a timeless 2D-platformer. Originally released for PC in 2015 and XBox One in 2016 - JumpJet Rex lands harder than an extinction-inducing asteroid on PlayStation 4 today.

Speaking of extinction, it's this T-Rex's job to save dinosaur-kind from a giant asteroid. What better way to do so than by flying through more than 40 levels in space? Collect loot to look as juras-sick as possible while saving the planet and your prehistoric pals in JumpJet Rex.

Explore the galaxy, save Earth, and defeat boss monsters who have the nerve to think that they're more rad than you: a T-Rex wearing rocket boots.

Wanna be awesome? Get to the PlayStation Store and download your copy of JumpJet Rex on your PS4 today.