Elite: Dangerous jumps to the PS4 system

by: Dan C -
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At long last, Elite: Dangerous has made its way to the PlayStation 4. Finally, even more players can get started on their careers as interstellar traders. Elite: Dangerous is an open-ended space flight simulator which features exploration, ship-to-ship combat, and trading as some of its key features. Players (or, "commanders") compete and cooperate to gain supremacy over one another in a shared economy which is swayed by these actions. After being successfully funded on Kickstarter, Elite: Dangerous was released on PC in 2014, and XBox One in 2015.

The galaxy continues to grow with Elite: Dangerous - Legendary Edition making contact on XBox One and PS4. Today marks the first time that Elite: Dangerous is available on PS4.

Elite: Dangerous - Legendary Edition is retail only, and includes:

  • 1,000 Frontier Points which can be used to purchase in-game extras such as a paint job or bobble heads for your trusty ship.
  • The Horizons expansion, which includes planetary landings, ground vehicles and bases, synthesis, looting and crafting, ship launched fighters, passenger missions, character creator and coop multicrew support for larger ships.

Although the PS4 players of Elite: Dangerous will not be able to mingle with XBox One or PC commanders, the in-game economy is shared between all platforms. This quirk should help unify the community in a sizable way.

Much of the GamingNexus staff are decorated commanders in Elite: Dangerous on other platforms. It will be exciting to join their ranks and learn from the masters.

Make the jump and grab Elite: Dangerous - Legendary Edition on PS4 today!