Splatoon 2 splats to Switch today

by: Dan C -
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After a successful Splatfest between ice cream and cake, Splatoon 2 is officially available on Nintendo Switch. Two years after the original Splatoon, Splatoon 2 looks to feature more of what made the first one great - and a host of new ways to splat. To take the inking on the go, here are some of the ways you can enjoy Splatoon 2:

  • Turf War: a 4v4 battle to see who can ink the most turf.
  • Salmon Run: 2-4 players face off against droves of enemy Salmonids.
  • LAN Play: players can link up to 10 docked Nintendo Switch systems (8 of which are players, 2 of which are spectators) for tournament level competitions.

The more you ink, the more customization options you can unlock for your Inkling! A mess of sweet headgear, clothes, shoes, and weapons await. The more gear you get, the more boosts you'll have access to in battle.

So, get out there and start inking up the town - Splatoon 2 is on shelves today!