Hey! Pikmin crash lands on 3DS today

by: Dan C -
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Hey! Pikmin is 2D platformer which features Captain Olimar and his wondrous Pikmin. After crash landing on an unknown planet, Captain Olimar must find a way to safety, and ultimately - home. Olimar must be smart and work alongside his Pikmin to find his way out of this all-too-familiar situation. Toss different color Pikmin at enemies or to otherwise unreachable areas by using the touchscreen. Without their help, Olimar will stay stranded for sure!

Fans of the Pikmin games may be surprised to see that their favorite strategy game has turned into a sidescrolling platformer. However, Hey! Pikmin incorporates the strategy elements of previous Pikmin games and gives them a new spin from the 2D perspective. Puzzle solving will play an integral part in this adventure, so put on your thinking-space helmet and grab Hey! Pikmin for 3DS today! Be sure to check out our review as well!