Overwatch's upcoming map is very meta

by: Dan C -
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During the opening of BlizzCon 2017, Overwatch's Jeff Kaplan unveiled a new map that is coming to the game in the near future. Blizzard World is a theme park inspired map with a twist - it pays homage to your favorite Blizzard games. What's better than playing Blizzard games? How about playing a Blizzard game that references other Blizzard games?

From idle Siege Tanks to the gates of Stormwind, this map is littered with attractions that are sure to take even more players' attention off of the Payload - as if that wasn't already an issue.

Blizzard World opens its gates early next year. That being said, PC players can get ahead of the lines by testing the map out on the Public Test Realm.

Stay a while and listen... to the fireworks!