World of Tanks console deploys Swedish tanks

by: Dan C -
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The Swedes are coming! World of Tanks console players can finally take control of the highly anticipated Swedish nation. Now, console players can take control of unique tanks such as the Primo Victoria. In total, there are 20 new vehicles in total for players to helm. There's something for everyone! From light to heavy tanks, and tank destroyers.

Players seeking some new Tier X options can now pilot the mighty Kranvagn. At Tier VIII, the UDES 03 and Strv 1038 bring with them a new playstyle: Siege and Travel. Assuming Siege mode allows players to output high damage at the expense of mobility. Travel mode allows for escape and re-positioning.

No matter what nation players choose to roll out with, the new Murovanka map is sure to mix things up. Players will experience low visibility on this snow covered, blizzard setting.

Enjoy a slew of screenshots for this exciting World of Tanks console update! Though the game hasn't arrived on Xbox One X yet, these updates will be automatically included at launch.