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What can I say? Because my parents were both gamers at some point in there lives, it was in my blood to be a gamer, and we owned a Super Nintendo, it wasn't hard for me to pick up the Super Nintendo controller and start clicking away... The SNES was my first love. The N64, PC, GameBoy Advance, PS2, and PSP follow and suit, in that order. The first games I ever played were Super Mario Bros. 1-3, including the Lost Levels, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country 1, and Super Empire Strikes Back, and ever once in a while, I'll still pick up a controller and play... But my love for gaming has matured since then, into a love of just about anything gaming. In-particular, Sony and PC gaming. I've never been a fan of Xbox, and the PlayStation 2 was always there for me when the Xbox wasn't... And after GameBoys came and gone, I'll still play a GameBoy when I get the chance, although my portable gaming taste has gone from Nintendo to Sony, the GameBoy Advance is still better than all the rest. My love for PC gaming has also grown as I learn and understand more about the personal computer and what it can do, along with the limitless possibilities that come with PC gaming. With this kind of history, I'm a gamer for life.

Currently Playing: Combat Arms