GamersGate goes full scale with its Loyalty Program

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After the beta period of GamesGate's Blue Coin feature, which has proved successful, GamersGate is now lunching its full-scale Loyalty Program  feature, and to kick it off, a week-long promo! Now, users who buy certain games can get a large some of blue coins, from 1,000 to 7,000 coins. These Blue Coins act as GamersGate currency (aside from the actual money in your wallet) and are awarded by being loyal to GG. And just by doing every-day, simple things, such as writing reviews and ranking games, you are awarded Blue Coins! If you're interested in finding out what's so great about GamersGate, and it certainly is great, just check out the main site! Also, if you haven't already, don't forget to follow GamersGate's tweets on Twitter!
GamersGate Goes Full Scale with its Loyalty Program

Massive Blue Coin Promotion Announced

NEW YORK- November 9, 2009- Following a successful beta period of its loyalty program, GamersGate today launched its full scale version by announcing a special weeklong Blue Coin promotion. With select purchases, gamers will receive a designated amount of Blue Coins as a bonus. The amount of Blue Coins received depends on the title purchased and ranges from 1,000 ($1) to 7,000 ($7) Blue Coins.

Blue Coins, a virtual currency within GamersGate, are earned through various kinds of user activity on the site, but can also be purchased directly with cash. Users can earn Blue Coins by writing reviews, ranking games, participating in the new Game Tutor program and receiving bonuses for select purchases. The Game Tutor program is a mentorship system where users can ask questions to other users regarding difficulties within a game. The user who provides the solution will then be rewarded with Blue Coins.

The promotion lasts until Sunday November 15, 2009. Selections from the GamersGate catalog included in the promotion are Dragon Age: Origins, FIFA 10, Need for Speed Shift, Spore, Sims 3, for complete listing please visit

For more information, please visit and follow GamersGate on twitter at @gamersgate.

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