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Combat Mission has received a brand new update. It has been patched to version 1.21, and revisions include over 60 fixes and improvements. Because, as we all know, no game should ever be left out of the patching process. There's always something that can be built up bigger and better! For a list of fixes, check out the press release.
Combat Mission Shock Force v1.21 patch!

CMSFIt's here! The latest version 1.21 patch for COMBAT MISSION SHOCK FORCE, CMSF MARINES and CMSF BRITISH FORCES is available for download! This free patch offers more than 60 improvements and a number of new features, such as:

* an all new "Scenario Author Test" play mode
* improved roads rendering on rough ground and steep slopes
* improved calculations for tree damage from artillery and projectiles
* dust being kicked up from firing small arms
* MARINESadditional Equipment Quality options and other TO&E changes...
* ...and much more!

Additionally, the v1.21 patch is now including updates for the base game and all the modules in one single "intelligent" patch. No need to download several patches - just one patch will present you with the option to update your base game, base game + Marines, base game + British, or base game + both Modules at the same time, depending on which games you own.

BRITISHThis patch does NOT work for players who have ONLY the base base, retail version (Paradox or Gamersgate version), and no modules! A separate "Plain Jane" v1.21 patch for these customers will be released in the future.

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Here just a few highlights from the latest release:

* Top gunner in a Humvee can use a personal weapon if his vehicle-mounted weapon is out of action.
* Powerful projectiles like sabot can penetrate trees and be slightly deflected rather than stopped.
* Roads are smoother when traversing rough ground or steep slopes.
* Large rocks (flavor objects) are more of a deterrent to navigate over.
* Updated behavior for artillery/air support time-to-target. Conventional Red formation leaders are now allowed to call in artillery from batteries at battalion level or below (e.g. light mortars).
* Troops may be given simultaneous Hide and Face commands, but changing facing often requires a soldier to change position slightly, during which time he will not be "hiding".
* "Scenario Author Test" may be selected as a Skill Mode (1-player only). It will cause all enemy units to be fully displayed to the player, but not additionally "known" to player's troops.
* Small bullets kick up a tiny bit of dirt and dust when they hit ground.

Marines Module Only

* US Marines sometimes have M203 grenade launchers instead of M32, especially at lower Equipment Quality settings.
* Added US Marine Mk11 sniper rifle (equivalent to Army M110).

British Module Only

* Jackal GMG (aka grenade launcher) can now be found in the Fire Support Section of the British Infantry Rifle Company, when the equipment rating is good (otherwise they get a WMIK).
* Gunner in LMTV will use his personal night-vision gear when appropriate.
* LMTV carries more passenger weapons and ammunition.
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