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Today, Vector Inc. has announced a brand new browser-based online RPG for the PC. It's name? The Seventh Dragon. The plan is to launch it around December 1st of this year. In The Seventh Dragon, players player in the war-torn continent of Asan, where you must become a hero, battle enemies, create your own city, and conquer evil. T7D will also be playable on the iPhone on release. For some more info on the game, and more of the backstory, just read through the press release.

Free browser-based game has Dragons, Devils, and a Rebel Army for fun
gameplay for PCs and Netbooks

TOKYO, JAPAN - NOVEMBER 20, 2009 - Vector, Inc., today announced The Seventh
Dragon, a persistent world simulation RPG set in the continent of Asan
embroiled in global turmoil. Players become Heroes, build cities, battle
foes, and save the world from the conquering Devils. The game is expected
to launch on December 1, 2009 for PCs, Macs, and netbooks, and can be played
via iPhone.

It is the 28th year of the Chronicle of the Seventh Dragons, and the Asan
Continent is in chaos caused by the invasion of the Devils. Widespread
looting by the rebel army and daily battles with the Devils have caused the
people to lose heart. Mistrust among the Human, Elf, and Undead races
reached a peak when the Devils conquered all the castles belonging to the
Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Dark Elves.

Those who survived the Devil invasion have slowly gathered under Master
Magician Salem, the current incarnation of The Seventh Dragon. Heroes and
knights from each race assembled at the Heliopalace to recapture their lost
capital. Players' challenges are to grow their starting castle into a huge
city, gain great power, and defeat Caberos, the evil leader of the Devils.

Players are faced with multiple, simultaneous challenges which keep The
Seventh Dragon interesting and fast paced. They must balance their
resources to build structures (castles, barracks, magic towers, pet shops),
acquire weapons (axes, swords, bows, magical wands), perform as a Hero
(stamina, power, agility, intelligence, spirit, and charm), join guilds, and
win PvP battles in the Coliseum - while carefully and fiercely protecting
their wealth.

The game's "Beginner Protection" feature provides protection for new players
for 216 hours (9 days) during which time they cannot be attacked by other

The Seventh Dragon uses a persistent system that continues the game even
when off-line. It's possible to play by giving instructions to your
characters and setting production commands, then check on the results later.

No downloads are required. Players can sign up for free and begin playing in
less than five minutes starting December 1st.
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