News Roundup audio edition: A new challenger approaches

by: Nathan -
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From the speculative cost of the Nintendo 3DS to the real life equivalent of pokemon, we've got a lot to talk about this week. Make sure you hit the links below for additional info. If you want to take the podcast on the go just right click and select "download" to get the mp3.

Featured Articles:
Conceptualy, Resistance 3 is looking exciting
Street Fighter just got a whole new meaning
A new look at the 3DS
...but is it worth the cost? *Roundup Worthy*
You decide who is Left 4 Dead now available on Mac
I wish erasing the Taliban was just this easy

Bonus: Experience Nintendo Tour links
Donkey Kong Country Returns impressions from Chad Jeremy and Sean Colleli
Kirby's Epic Yarn impressions from Chad Jeremy and Sean
Wii Party impressions from Chad and Sean
Fling Smash impressions from Jeremy and Sean
Super Scribblenauts impressions from Sean

This week's featured outro is Penguins of The Apocalypse by Fear of Dark.
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