The 3DS in video and picture form

by: John -
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Nintendo's gone on and released a video and shown off the final Nintendo 3DS hardware. Tina and I were on hand at the E3 press conference when they unveiled it so it's not far off from that when you take a look at the final design.

The video that Nintendo has made shows off some of the capabilities. Besides the 3D feature, the hand held looks like it has the capabilities to always be on and exchanging information with those around you. It even does a little demonstration of how two people who have it can walk by and engage in a fight with Ryu and Ken.

The Miis will be making an appearance on the 3DS and the video shows off the ability to automatically create a Mii based off a picture you take with the unit.

I do like the dock that's featured in the video as it looks like you just drop it in and it will recharge via magnetic induction. Of course, I'm just guessing on this one but that would be kind of cool and if so, I would hope that it would let you power the unit by plugging it in to the wall as well.

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