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If you have never heard of FlingSmash, you are not alone. I have to be honest about the fact that I was completely oblivious to this title prior to the Experience Nintendo Tour… now I know it and I know it well. Don’t worry, something tells me that you will too before this Holiday season is over with…

Read on for my impressions of Nintendo / Artoon’s FlingSmash for the Nintendo Wii…

As I said in my intro, I had never heard of FlingSmash prior to this event. When the Nintendo rep asked if we wanted to see FlingSmash, pretty much everyone responded with “what?” The game came up when I posed a question to the Rep regarding the use, or benefit(s), of the Wii MotionPlus accessory with any of the games that we were seeing. Of all of the titles included in the demonstration, there was only one that included Wii MotionPlus support, FlingSmash.

Perhaps the best way to describe the game is a combination of pinball and racquetball. The player, or players if playing cooperatively, will use the Wiimote to hit / launch their character, named Zip, across the screen with a swinging motion of the Wiimote. The ball-like character will then be propelled across the screen where it will collide with collectible objects, enemies, and environmental elements. When Zip is in motion, it looks a lot like a pinball game as he bounces around the screen, shattering walls and bricks and racking up points.

Throughout the gameplay experience, in addition to simply wrecking and creating havoc throughout the stages, players are often faced with physics based puzzles, some as simple as hitting a series of triggers in a particular order. It is in these sections that the accuracy and responsiveness of the Wii MotionPlus is truly appreciated. The game is very sensitive in terms of detecting the direction of your swings when propelling Zip across the screen, so aiming and accuracy is a must in the more difficult areas.

There isn’t a lot to say in order to describe Flingsmash; the game is simple but a lot of fun. I think that this could potentially be another sleeper hit from Nintendo, especially with the more casual gaming crowd and the younger gamers. The game is bright and colorful in terms of its visual appearance and a lot of fun. The rumors have started swirling this week that the game will be released in conjunction with Nintendo’s new version of the Wiimote which has Wii MotionPlus build into it… and we all know how game sincluded with the Wiimote sell (Wii Play anyone?). If you get the chance this Holiday season to give Flingsmash a try, do yourself a favor and do so. FlingSmash launches on November 7 for the Nintendo Wii.
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