This is Tier 1, and they aren't going to let you play as the Taliban

by: John -
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I'm starting to get more and more excited about Medal of Honor and the video below shows off some new footage of the game. But the news today is that EA is going to remove any references to the Taliban as a playable character in the multiplayer portion of the game and just name them Opposing Force.

I've had many discussions with folks around this issue and to me, it's nothing different from being a terrorist of some sort in games like Counter-Strike or Modern Warfare 2. Hell, you get to play as Nazis, one of the most vile group ever, in Enemy Territory. To me, it's not that big of a deal if you name one of the multiplayer groups the Tailban. Then again, that's just me. As a PC player of the game, I wouldn't be surprised if I saw a patch in a day or so renaming it back to the Tailban.

What do you think? Do you care they changed it or cared that you could play as the Tailban?

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