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The details are starting to come clear on Capcom’s version of Super Street FIghter IV 3D Edition for Nintendo’s 3DS. Series producer, Yoshinori Ono, has stated repeatedly that the goal of the game was to bring the popular console version of the game to the portable platform as accurately as possible. It looks like this may be happening, and then some...

One of the new features being included in the 3DS version of the game is called “Figure Collection”. As you play through the game normally, you will be collecting figures of the various fighters in the game; these figures get added to your collection and will be used to battle other gamers in automated fight sequences. The game will handle the battling of the Figure Mode on its own, often without your knowledge. The network features of the 3DS will allow the game / system to detect other gamers playing the game nearby and engage them in the Figure battles. As your figures collect wins, they will unlock additional figures for your collection. 

Capcom is also adding a new Tag Mode included in the game which will allow nearby players to jump into the game instantly to engage in battles. If you happen to be playing against the computer and another gamer is nearby, they will have the option of stepping into the computer’s shoes and battling against you.

Capcom of Japan has released a trailer for Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition which outlines these two new features (mind you, in Japanese), check it out: 

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