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There's a PC mod to put you in first-person mode in The Witcher 3

by: Randy -
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If you want to immerse me in a role-playing game, make it from a first-person perspective. Third-person is great and all if you like armor sets and watching your sword swing around. But first-person is what really puts your boots on the ground.

That's what modder skacikpl is doing with a Witcher 3 first-person mod. The mod is a work in progress and it may very well never leave alpha. But it's a wonderful idea for one of the most beautifully crafted video games ever made. It's gotta take some nice pics.

Candyland took a look at the first-person mode. They're excited to see what comes of it. But they also note some difficulties with movement. The Witcher 3 has been criticized for its on-foot movement since day one. The horse, Roach, has always had issues, too. But this video makes apparent how different the two control schemes—between third- and first-person—really operate.

Namely, in first-person, there's no 360-degree view, meaning you have to physically turn The Witcher's body to look in different directions, rather than just turning his head. Also, when using WASD controls on a keyboard, pushing S doesn't walk backwards, it turns you around a full 180 degrees. There's a major fish-eye-lens effect, too.

When going back and forth between third- and first-person perspective, it's fun watching The Witcher's head disappear before the camera pulls in and settles on his neck hole. 

You can get the mod here, in The Witcher 3's forums.

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