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News Roundup - 04/29/2015

by: Jeremy -
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  • Electric Blue Skies revisits the divisive The Order: 1886 
  • Dirt Rally races into Steam Early Access 
  • People are selling PS4's on Ebay for ridiculous prices. Why? Well that ultra rare game PT is installed on them of course 
  • Warface: Operation Endless Skies trailer 
  • Nintendo pixel art plush are on the way 
  • Sony checks in with Mays free game lineup 
  • The Weaponographist is out now on Steam 
  • Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley gets new DLC, free for a limited time 
  • Batman Arkham Knight Premium Edition and Season Pass announced 
  • Pinball FX 2's Star Wars Rebels table is out now 
  • Nintendo is making a mess of things to celebrate Splatoon's launch 
  • ShadowRun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown is now available