People are selling PS4's on Ebay for ridiculous prices. Why? Well that ultra rare game PT is installed on them of course

by: Nathan -
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If you didn't get a chance to download the absolutely fantastic "PT", which was a playable teaser for the now cancelled Silent Hills, well you are SOL as the game was removed from PSN tonight. So if you didn't get a chance to download PT, what are your options? 

1. The easiest option. Hopefully you have a friend that has the game installed and lets you play it. 

2. You can try to find a friend that has PT on their PS4 and use their account to download the game on your console as if they were shared accounts. 

3. You can buy a used PS4 with PT already installed.

If you are going for option 3, Ebay, the scalpers flee market, has got your covered. Just be prepared to shell out close to $1000 for it. Yup, any time something even remotely has the chance at becoming rare, the scumbag scalpers come out of the woodwork and proudly display their bait hoping that some poor sap will bite.

Another example of this? See Amiibo. This is the kind of thing that really grinds my gears and honestly, I think I may be more upset at the people who actually buy this crap. Buying this crap is pretty much encouraging this kind of behavior. 

Of course I could take the low road and blame Konami for this for even having the audacity to entertain the thought of cancelling Silent Hills but I won't. All I'm gonna say is, hey, guess they hate money. I had my $60 ready to go and sadly, they won't be getting it