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Doug McGrave is a hero in the Zap Brannigan tradition: perfect hair, a bottomless arsenal, and a pigheaded disposition. Sadly Doug's mercenary ways have gotten him mixed up in a sticky curse. In The Weaponographist, you'll have to sweep and clean a demon-infested village just to stay alive; slow down the demon slaughtering and the curse will kill you. The catch is that all of Doug's weapons deteriorate very rapidly, so he'll have to scrounge new ones from the corpses of his defeated enemies.

The Weaponographist looks like an entertaining little hack and slash with a wry sense of humor. I'll have my full review up soon, but for now check out the Steam demo and if you like it, pull the trigger at a launch week 20% discount. 


Speed. Courage. Perfect hair.
Being a demon hunter is hard work, and even harder when you've been cursed. Doug McGrave might have deserved it, but he's not going down without a fight in The Weaponographist.

- Available today on Steam for PC and Mac.

Guts, Glory & Goop -  The Weaponographist Out Now on Steam

April 29, 2015 ?? The Weaponographist, the high-speed hack-n-slasher from Puuba and Mastertronic, is available now on Steam for PC and Mac, with a limited-time discount of 20%.

The Weaponographist Launch Trailer

Demon hunter extraordinaire and all-around jerk, Doug McGrave has really messed things up this time. Cursed for refusing to help a poor village, every weapon soon falls apart in his hands. His only option is to race through the dungeon depths, swing any weapon he can grab before it breaks, and slay the demons to break the curse.

Though he has been humbled and humiliated, Doug McGrave has learned one all-important lesson. He is simply too handsome to quit.

Never stop and never slow down as you battle through five, demon-infested dungeon depths. Think quickly and strategize on the fly to keep building your combo. Spend demon goop to become stronger, faster, and improve your leaderboard times. After all, what good is being a hero if you can't brag about it?

Too meek to handle the full game? Try it first with The Weaponographist demo on Steam.



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