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Ambitious open-world RPG My Time at Sandrock launches September 26th

by: Jason -
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Open-world RPG My Time at Sandrock will launch September 26th for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Bilibili, WeGame, and will also go 1.0 on PC. A PlayStation 4 version will be delayed, coming sometime after the other platforms. My Time at Sandrock is a sequel to 2019’s slice-of-life sandbox game My Time at Portia, only it ups the ante in a big way, adding deeper RPG mechanics, quests, combat, and more.

Players become the new Builder in Sandrock, a western desert locale where technology once thrived. As the Builder, you will complete quests, gather resources to build machines and structures, forge relationships with the townsfolk, cultivate a garden, and defend Sandrock from monsters in third-person combat. Also coming alongside the 1.0 release is a co-operative multiplayer mode.

My Time at Sandrock is trying to be a lot of things all at once, which is a bold strategy, but the latest trailer certainly looks promising. Check it out below, or check out our hands-on preview of the game from last year right here.

Update: Developer Pathea Games has provided additional information regarding the PS4 version and multiplayer functionality on their Twitter. The PS4 version may be ready on September 26th - they will provide confirmation at the end of this month. On the multiplayer front, console functionality will not be available until approximately three months after launch.