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Marvel Snap shows off upcoming season, token system, and pools 4 & 5

by: Elliot -
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While my daily playtime has dropped since I started Marvel Snap a few weeks back, I still play daily. I’ve cleared rank 60, working my way up to 70 to unlock a variant on this season's rewards list. While the Warriors of Wakanda season is still in full swing for another few weeks, developer Second Dinner has released a YouTube video looking ahead to the upcoming season for December, The Power Cosmic.

New variants available on the season pass include The Infinaut and The Collector, cards that I use in my decks all the time. The Silver Surfer is this season’s character; he’s a 3-0 card that gives your other 3-cost cards +3. Now I’ll need to start looking now at my other 3 cost cards and see what combinations I can come up with. Remember, if you don’t want to purchase the season pass, you can still collect Silver Surfer and the variants, they become available and free for players who are in the pool 3 of cards two months after the season ends, so February of 2023.

Besides the seasonal update, the video also talks about the roadmap update that will be coming next month with the new season. The token shop will have a rotation of characters that you do not have in your deck. Every eight hours a new character will appear. Starting at collection level 500 you begin to earn tokens. If you see a character you want but do not have enough tokens you can “pin” the character in the shop, freezing them from leaving until you have enough tokens to buy it. Pool 4 and pool 5 cards are also making a release. You can watch the video below, talk about pool 4 and 5 begins at the 4:40 mark.

I love the idea of the token shop. I’m glad everyone is getting at least some tokens regardless of your collection level. As I have said earlier I am not a huge fan of adding a new pool to the game at this point in time, let alone two new pools. I feel Second Dinner has done a solid job of balancing Marvel Snap, and an even better job of listening to player feedback, so I am willing to give these changes a shot.