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Survival city-building management game Floodland out now on PC

by: Jason -
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Developer Vile Monarch and publisher Ravenscourt have released survival city-building management game Floodland on PC. In a bit of a twist on the genres, Floodland is set during the height of the climate crisis, with the world mostly engulfed by water from rising sea levels.

The environmental downfall has also led to the collapse of society, and that’s where you come in. Scavenge for resources, rediscover technology, and re-build civilization one step at a time. Players will grow and manage their colony, define and enforce laws, and budget scarce resources. Of course, if you can’t survive, you can always start over. Each new play through in Floodland is different, with maps and world events randomly generated each time.

I’m a sucker for a good city-builder or management game and this looks great – here’s to hoping it migrates to consoles at some point. For a better idea of how the game plays, check out our Editor-in-Chief’s preview, or watch a new launch trailer below: