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Dune: Spice Wars adds another faction - House Corrino

by: Rob -
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Joining the existing lineup of Fremen, Harkonnen, Atreides, and Smugglers, House Carrino is the latest playable faction in Dune: Spice Wars. House Carrino is the ruling house of the Imperium, that of the Emperor Shaddam IV himself. So how does one play as the ruling family? Well it appears rather than hunting for, harvesting, and running the Spice itself, this faction is seeped in managing the currencies of the realm, both the Spice as well as well-placed bribes. It's more of an economic balancing act, keeping the income in line with the debits owed to the Spacing Guild. The Spice must flow, and interstellar travel is key to that mandate.

This update is well in line with the Early Access roadmap that delivered multiplayer a few weeks ago, the new house now, and promising "spaceports, ships, and other advanced units" next... but still TBA. Dune is a wonderful and rich universe that I adore and Elliot had positive things to say in his preview from a few months ago.  This is definitely a game I'll need to continue to keep an eye on.