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Dune: Spice Wars adds multiplayer

by: Rob -
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We're about 2 months in to the Early Access of Dune: Spice Wars and the first major content expansion is going live with the addition of multiplayer. There is more to come as detailed in the Early Access Roadmap with another faction set to land later in the Summer and plans for both a Spaceports and Advanced Units expansion as well as Councillors coming farther in the future, dates still TBA. 

The multiplayer addition sees both 2v2 game modes as well as a free for all, every man for themselves with up to 4 players to blend RTS and 4X gameplay set against the wonderful backdrop of Arrakis. In addition, the latest update has also seen a host of other improvements, like a rework on development trees and introduction of new political resolutions, events, and regions.

More info on Dune: Spice Wars can be found on the official site. The Early Access version of the game is available now on Steam, where it is also 20% to celebrate the release of the multiplayer expansion.