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Endzone - A World Apart PS5 Gameplay Preview

by: Eric -
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Gaming Nexus has covered Endzone - A World Apart quite a bit over the last couple of years, from Sean's initial PC preview in May of 2020 (early pandemic days must have given this game a bit of a different feel), to Randy's continuing coverage of the game as it move through early access and onto full release. And now we find ourselves a year further into the future (and probably somewhat closer to the nuclear meltdown depicted in this game), and along comes Endzone's console release. 

Dubbed the "Survivor Edition", this new version of Endzone has been retooled for easy control on console, and of course, the developers at Gentlymad Studios learned quite a few lessons over the last couple of years about how to make the game flow nicely, to ease new players into the apocalypse. 

The PS5 and Xbox X|S editions of Endzone release on May 19, but I hopped in for an early session on my PS5 this morning, and really liked what I found. Endzone has one of the best control schemes I've seen for a game of this nature released on console, and I was able to quickly and easily make every move I was trying. Take a look at the video below to see just how smooth rebuilding civilization can be.

I had a grand time with Endzone, and I'm thinking I'll probably dip in for a few more sessions before the release date. If you would like to see more of Endzone before May 19, click through and hit me up in the comments of the video - I'm happy to dive back in. This is a fun one.