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Endzone was too easy in early access, but it's harder now with its official launch

by: Randy -
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How has it been less than a year since we previewed Endzone – A World Apart? Imagine the planet going into hardcore quarantine when, out of the blue, we send our own Sean Colleli early access code to a game like this? The population has gone underground for 150 years (!) only to reemerge on a surface wrecked with radiation, raging storms, contaminated water, roving gangs of raiders, "and more fun" that awaits, as you struggle to build a colony on top of this godforsaken Earth.

And to think, with real-life already two months into Quarantine, Colleli said he was "craving a crueler, more unpredictable post-apocalypse" that would test him with even more disasters. I mean, he was about to become a new dad at that time, so he was prepping for the challenge of fatherhood, I can only imagine. Endzone – A World Apart: It's Like Being a New Dad.

Early access is over now, and the game launched this week on Steam and GOG. If you like ramshackle post-apocalypses, weathering storms, forging ahead, and fighting for hard-won victories, then Endzone's real-time strategies are for you. We thought it was a little too simple in early access, but it's harder now. And even British Greta Thunberg thinks you're starting off with a deficit. So it's time to see if both we and Endzone are up to the challenge.