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Don't miss out on Slay the Spire, last chance to snag it for free on PS Plus

by: Rob -
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I adore Slay the Spire. It is probably my favorite game on the Switch and I rejoiced when it came to PS4 noting that it was the 3rd highest rated game on PC for 2019 according to MetaCritic. I never did pick it up on PS4 because I always had my Switch at the ready to load up a new run. Well, last month it slid in as one of the free PS Plus games for April. Tomorrow, those games rotate. So if you haven't already, get over to your console or the PS App, or even the web app and add it to your collection right this instant! 

Yes, there are some good games in the May PS Plus free games bundle: FIFA 22 was a step back in the right direction for the flagship soccer game, Curse of the Dead Gods is excellent (even if it isn't quite as good as Hades), and though I've never played Tribes of Midgard Elliot dropped an 8.5 on it in his review. So that's all well and good, but don't sleep on Slay the Spire which is better than any of May's offerings, in my opinion (maybe not Hades, but it comes close. But man isn't Hades so good? It really is, isn't it?)

However, the other point I wanted to make is: now that Slay the Spire is in my Playstation library, I actually find myself diving into it again, and dare I say playing it even more frequently than on Switch, even at its heights a few years back. Why is that? Well, one simple reason: trophies. 

I beat Slay the Spire in multiple ways on Switch and probably considered my game time largely complete, but here I am back in the thick of it because, thanks to trophies, I have a roadmap of exactly what the developers themselves have laid out as a complete experience. So there is a finish line in sight as I get to dive back in for another 50 plus hours with clear goals and enjoy a wonderful game all over again thanks to trophies. Game on.