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Stadia version of Outriders arrives day and date on April 1st

by: Eric -
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Outriders, the new action RPG from Square Enix and People Can Fly, will be arriving on Stadia on April 1st - day and date with all other platforms. This is big news for Stadia fans, as often AAA title releases on Stadia are delayed by weeks, even months. 

In Outriders, players can play solo or with up to two friends. Listed as an "RPG Shooter", Outriders will allow players to create builds and use 15 different difficulty settings to tune the game to their liking. Stadia players can preorder Outriders by clicking here.

 After all of the bad news Stadia fans have endured over the past several weeks, it is great to see a game arriving to the platform on its general release date. As is usual with Stadia, I think that Outriders can expect a lot of support from the Stadia community.

For more why I think people should be excited about Outriders, check out my article here. GN's Charlie Coleman is also pretty jazzed for Outriders. Read his article on the upcoming demo here.