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What we're playing

by: Randy -
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The makers of Wolfenstein: The New Order are taking their "Nazis. I hate these guys" skills and making a new Indiana Jones game. Razer conceptualizes the next generation of gaming chair. And our own John Yan has been on the CES beat, seeing all the new hotness coming out of the now-completely-online hardware show of the year.
So, this is what we're playing.
Sean Hattingh
While Randy loses himself in the old Wild West, my friends and I are going to be running away from random strangers on the internet in Dead By Daylight. It's been some time since it came out, but my group has finally decided to have a go at this asymmetrical horror game. So far it's been an absolute hoot. And a holler. And a howl or two. Actually, one definite squeal from me. 
When I'm not fleeing from the slow, menacing march of death in the shape of a nightmare, I'll be doing some trophy cleanup of Jedi Fallen Order, having recently finished the main campaign. The story was pretty good, but the game overall lacked a bit of polish, even more than a year after release. Hopefully, the next gen update improves a lot of the technical issues that I'm certain are down to the PS4 and Xbox One generation's limitations. I'd be interested in a sequel for this, or even a different story from Respawn covering another Jedi.
Eric Hauter
While I have still been logging into Red Dead Online on PS5 every morning for an hour of hunting and profit before the kids wake up, I've also been playing a surprising amount of another game I bought for five bucks—Injustice 2. I promised Games N Moorer's Joseph Moorer that I would avoid playing Injustice 2 before we stream it, but I have a problem. This problem is eight-years-old, and she really, really likes Wonder Woman. As a result, I have found myself on the receiving end of a severe number of ass-kickings at the hands of my tiny Amazon. 
I haven't played enough to learn anything much of use, but I do have to say that the character variety and backgrounds are a lot of fun. I mean, the game comes out of the box with Black Canary. It's ridiculous. So far, my favorite character is Captain Cold, which I find kinda surprising. I'm sure most people gravitate towards the big names first, but for some reason, I really like the unexpected characters. Deadshot is pretty great too. Anyhow, I'll soon lose all enthusiasm for the game when Joseph picks up a controller for the first time and walks up and down my face, but for now I'm having a pretty good time.
Randy Kalista
I will not talk about Red Dead Online. I will not talk about Red Dead Onl—
—So in Red Dead Online, it was no longer about life in the dying days of the Wild West. For me, it was about finding some elusive treasure-hunting gypsy and, apparently, filming an episode of When Animals Attack! every 30 minutes along the way. I'd been on the hunt for Madam Nazar, the gypsy in question, for the majority of the week now, just so that I could start down the Collector specialist role. I'd been shot at by some players. Been blown up by others. I'd lost my hat a time or two, had some rando ride circles around me for five full minutes, and even had somebody ask me to fight them, what with all the free drinks pouring out of the saloon in Armadillo. Still hadn't found Madam Nazar yet, though. Still refused to consult a guide telling me where to look. I'd even worked towards removing the minimap and switching to a compass. Just to make it harder. Just to make things more "fun." But I eventually found that wild-eyed hoarder. And I'm quickly coming around to the idea that maps are fine and good.