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CES 2021: NVIDIA CES Press Conference

by: John -
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Usually, I visit the great folks at NVIDIA in their booth at the Bellagio for CES, but because of the pandemic we're doing it all virtually. So what did they talk about today?

RTX was touched upon as more and more games take advantage of real time ray tracing. Consoles are even doing it as well, so we should be seeing a great deal more games in the future taking advantage of the RT cores in NVIDIA cards.

GeForce Now was launched at CES last year and it's been taking off in the age of game streaming from the cloud. And for those who are paid members of GeForce Now, you get RTX features without needing to shell out for a NVIDIA card of your own.

DLSS has really made AI enhancement of image quality a valid option to always have on. Boost those framerates when playing in higher resolutions with RTX on without seeing any image degradation from upscaling. Call of Duty: Warzone and Outriders will be getting support for DLSS. Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach will be utilizing ray tracing and DLSS as well.

F.I.S.T. or Forged in Shadow Torch from Shanghai TiGames is an interesting title to showcase RTX features as it's a side scrolling action game and we've mostly seen FPS style games using RTX features up until now.

NVIDIA Reflex allows for lower latency with your mouse actions and Rainbow Six Siege as well as Overwatch will be getting an update to include NVIDIA Reflex.

ASUS, Acer, AOC will have monitors with G-Sync and a Reflex analyzer.

A new card was also introduced in the GeForce RTX 3060. Twice the rasterization and 10X the RTX performance than the GTX 1060, the GeForce RTX 3060 looks to bring RTX to many more people at a more affordable price point.

13 shader-TFLOPs, 24 RT-TFLOPS, 101 Tensor-TFLOPS were specified as the performance you should get. In comparison, the RTX 3060 TI has 16.2 Shader-TFLOPS, 31.6 RT-TFLOPS, and 129.6 Tensor-TFLOPS. No specifics on how many SMs, CUDA Cores, Tensor Cores, RT Cores, Texture Units, or ROPs nor clock speeds but we shall update this news item should they announce it later on.

12GB of G6 memory for $329 and coming in late February. Interesting that this card comes with more onboard memory than the RTX 3070, and the RTX 3060 Ti which come with 8GB of GDDR6 memory.

Razer talked about new laptops and featuring the latest NVIDIA GPUs. Well, those laptops will have the option with the GeForce RTX 3060, GeForce RTX 3070, and GeForce RTX 3080 giving people a wide range of price and performance for on the go gaming. These new GPUs will help usher in a new era of RTX performance without being tied to a desktop. I'm definitely going to look for a new laptop with one of these new RTX mobile GPUs.

To end their press conference, NVIDIA showed off Microsoft Flight Simulator running on a triple screen setup with a full cockpit including motion simulation. All of it running from the Razer Blade 15 with some Logitech controllers. It help show off the power of the mobile GPU running the game smoothly on three monitors.

So there you have it. A new card, some new games getting the RTX treatment, and the announcement of some mobile GPUs. Looks like they have some good products lined up for the beginning of this year and for those looking for a new gaming laptop, you'll be really happy to see Ampere coming out for the mobile space. Watch the entire press conference below.