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No Place for Bravery will be next year's Hyper Light Drifter

by: Randy -
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The awesomely named No Place for Bravery [official site] follows in the footsteps of Children of Morta [8.5 out of 10], both of whom hail from the school of Hyper Light Drifter, one of my top 10 games of the decade. No Place for Bravery is extremely my thing. You've got top-down 2D art, a piggybacking kid on a dad in a search for his other kid, and a soundtrack bringing that pop viking energy. Admittedly it looks like two different artists are at work here—one in the foreground and the other in the background—but I'm just making things up. There's a middle school naivete in some of the character design, with the feeling that you're just a bug existing in a dying empire of giants.

The announcement trailer opens no a scene of pixelated brutality. Carrion birds caw among the carnage. Monsters rise up from the clouds and blast the landscape. Adventurers gather around fires and follow their mercenary pursuits into the maws of whale-sized men, into the spelunking-worthy openings of basalt towers, and slashing their swords with Sekiro-like efficiency and form. 

No Place for Bravery is coming to PC and Switch in 2021.