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BattleTech: Heavy Metal—I call Bull Shark

by: Randy -
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The Heavy Metal expansion is out for BattleTech now. Aside from the introduction of new environments—like they did in the Flashpoint and Urban Warfare expansions—I will never turn down new mechs. And that's exactly what Heavy Metal brings to the table: new mechs.

Not all of them are the heaviest of heavy, which is good. Finding right right mech for the right job is no longer just a matter of throwing the most tonnage you can at a problem. Seven mechs are classic, one is a brand-new design just for this expansion. On the classic side are the Assassin, Vulcan, Flea, Rifleman, Phoenix Hawk, Archer, and Annihilator. The new kid on the block is the mean-looking Bull Shark. I wouldn't want to meet that thing in a dark alley of the Periphery.

BattleTech was absolutely my favorite strategy game from 2018, and nothing's really replaced it in my heart in 2019. This Heavy Metal expansion marks the end of the year-long season pass content, too. So, going forward, anything new coming out of Harebrained Studios for this fantastic turn-based bad boy will ask for fresh dollar bills out of your pocket.

I'll start work on a review of BattleTech: Heavy Metal as soon as possible. Will be clearing The Outer Worlds and Planet Zoo off my plate in the meantime.