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Ex-Irrational Kickstarter update!

by: Jeff -
More On: The Black Glove The Flame in the Flood

October was a crazy month, but if you can remember the beginning of it, we posted about two different Kickstarter projects that spawned out of Irrational Games closing it's doors: The Black Glove and The Flame in the Flood. Since both projects have less than a week to go, I figured I'd give you guys an update on their progress.

The Flame in the Flood has successfully reached it's funding goal! As of this writing, they've raised $219,087 of their original $150,000 goal and have three days left to go. They've already reached a couple of their stretch goals, including German, French, and Spanish translations, and Raft Customization. They're currently funding up Russian, Portuguese and French translations, followed by Endless Mode and getting the game onto the PS4. Congratulations to the Molasses Flood!

The Black Glove isn't doing quite as well. As of this writing, they've raised $158,972 of their $550,000 goal and have four days left to go. Since their funding is in dire straits, the team has put up a new video that does a better job of showing some of the mystery that envelopes their game, and they've started releasing some more screenshots on twitter with the hashtag #Savetheblackglove. You can check out the new video on The Black Glove's Kickstarter page, and see some of the #Savetheblackglove screenshots below.