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News Roundup audio edition: with words... that you can hear!

by: Nathan -
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Welcome back to the audio edition of the the News Roundup. This week Sean and I explore viral marketing, xbox 360 rumors, and the future of burning massive amounts of rubber.

You may be looking for Sam Fischer, or working for Third Eschelon, but I've already found him
Check out the video, then sign up for the Open Beta for Need for Speed World
Vanquish the evils of slow walking
Xbox 360 rumors galore: Motherboard's revealing photos, Ben Heck's comments, natural USB enhancement, and Gears of War 3 this winter
Gaming Nexus is now using age gating
Witness the Power of the Six String yourself

This weeks featured track on the outro of the Roundup was Broken Bird by Mister Yah , featured on The 8bit collective.