Gears of War 3 rumors start gaining momentum

by: Jeremy -
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 I am not one who usually likes to report on a rumor.  They are in fact just that, rumors, and often have little to no validity behind them.  This rumor in particular seems to be gaining some momentum and would be one that would make me a very, very happy gamer.  Edge Online is reporting this morning that they have received information on the next installment in Epic's Gears of War series: Gears of War 3.
According to their source, the gaming public will be treated to a teaser trailer for the game next month, on or around April 8.  The game itself, is expected to get its full reveal at this year's E3 conference in Los Angeles.  The timing of of the project is being set up in order for Microsoft to deliver three consecutive huge projects.  With Halo: Reach rumored to be dropping in September and Natal hitting for the Holidays, Gears of War 3 is expected to drop in mid-April of 2011.  April 11, 2011 is the date that is being targeted right now.
All of the parties involved at Epic have been dropping subtle clues over the course of the past year, yet everything has been extremely cryptic.  I did find it odd when the statement recently came out of Epic that they would have no releases for the calendar year of 2010.  While that information did not exactly make sense to me, it does when taken into the context of these rumors.  We shouldn't have to wait more than a couple of weeks now to see if these rumors come to fruition...
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