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Supernatural bullet-time shooter El Paso, Elsewhere is heading to PlayStation this year

by: Jason -
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Developer Strange Scaffold and publisher Nighthawk Interactive announced today that acclaimed third-person supernatural shooter El Paso, Elsewhere is making its way to PlayStation 5 on September 6th for $29.99, with pre-orders now available.

The low-poly, Max Payne-inspired shooter puts players in the shoes of drug-addicted monster hunter James Savage as he hunts down his vampire ex-girlfriend Draculae, who is attempting to end the world. To thwart your ex, you’ll battle through a mind-bending El Paso motel, blasting demons, and bullet-time diving around cover. It all sounds wonderfully batty, pun intended. 

I remember seeing buzz about El Paso, Elsewhere when it released for other platforms last year, so I am certainly intrigued by it this second time around. It was a big enough hit to warrant a film adaptation from Di Bonaventura Pictures, the studio behind Transformers, with LaKeith Stanfield in talks to star.