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XDefiant's first post-launch season has arrived

by: Jason -
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After six weeks of preseason play, Ubisoft’s free-to-play shooter XDefiant is officially on to season one, bringing with it a slew of new content including a faction, three maps, three weapons, two game modes, and ranked play.

The new faction is Rainbow Six’s GSK, which features a Shock Wire ability that allows you to place a high-voltage barrier around objectives and chokepoints, the Active Defense System to shoot down enemy explosives, and a Flash Shield ultra ability that disorients enemies and acts as mobile cover. The GSK’s passive trait is Hardhat, which reduces the lethality of enemy headshots.

Capture the Flag mode is available as of today, with an additional mode called Bomb being added mid-season. Bomb tasks teams with taking turns defending or defusing a, well, bomb. The new weapons are free to all players and include the LVOA-C assault rifle L115 sniper rifle, and sawed-off shotgun, which is a secondary weapon.

And finally, ranked play has seen its training wheels removed from the preseason, for those of you looking to get sweaty. I’ve been enjoying my time with XDefiant, logging a few dozen hours already, and season one sounds like a host of nice additions. Check out our full review of XDefiant right here.