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Squad-based hero FPS Concord announces beta details

by: Jason -
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We are less than two months from the launch of PlayStation’s next live service title, Concord, but today developer Firewalk has revealed the dates and details for the squad shooter’s beta tests. Those who pre-order the game on PS5 or PC will get to participate in an early access beta July 12th through July 14th, with each player also receiving four additional codes to invite your friends to round out your squad. The following weekend, July 18th through July 21st will be an open beta period for one-and-all across PS5 and PC. One important note – cross-platform play is entirely optional.

During both beta periods, the full roster of 16 characters – known as Freegunners – will be available, as will five maps and four modes. The maps are Freewater, Water Hazard, Star Chamber, Shock Risk, and Bone Mines. As for the modes, Trophy Hunt is a respawn-based mode that sounds like Kill Confirmed in Call of Duty terms. Next is Cargo Run, which does not allow respawns and requires your team to plant and defend at an objective. Clash Point is a round-based mode with no respawns where teams fight to control a central zone. And finally, a fourth mode called Area Control will be added during the open beta, which is essentially Domination mode from other shooters.

In addition to the gameplay, the beta will also introduce you to the Northstar Crew and their story with the first of the game’s cinematic vignettes, which will typically premiere on a weekly basis in-game.

I recently started playing Overwatch 2 for the first time in preparation for Concord’s release in August. If Concord can hook me even remotely the way that OW2 has then I feel like I’m in for a treat. We’ll all find out together in a few short weeks.