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Immersive first-person fantasy RPG Alkahest dazzles in debut trailer

by: Jason -
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Developer Push On has announced its first-person action RPG, Alkahest, which is said to take inspiration from Dishonored, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. Those inspirations are easy to see in a stunning new trailer that was shared alongside the announcement. Alkahest is without a release date for now but is coming to PC and potentially consoles when its ready.

In Alkahest, you play as the youngest son of a petty lord looking to make a name for himself. To do so, you venture out to investigate goblin raids in a grounded fantasy adventure that will also have you exploring castles, forests, and villages. The game’s combat has a big emphasis on utilizing the environment around you to your advantage – kick an enemy off a cliff, knock a tree over on them, or grab a barrel and toss it at them. It looks slick in motion too, assuming the trailer is real gameplay.

Choice also plays a big part in Alkahest, with branching gameplay possibilities skewing towards an immersive sim that nurture player agency. It sounds (and looks) glorious - please let it be real.