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Amazon Games' MMORPGs are primed for a big year

by: Jason -
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If you didn’t know, Amazon does more than just ship stuff extremely fast nowadays. Nay, they are also busy creating and nurturing a trio of MMORPGs, each of which is primed to have a big 2024 in its own way.

First is New World: Aeternum, which was recently revealed at Summer Game Fest and is launching October 15th for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. New World: Aeternum is an expansion of the base game that released on PC back in 2021, and it also marks the RPGs first foray onto consoles. This version includes the base game, Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, all updates thus far to the game, revamped storytelling, the first large-scale PvP zone, a new 10-player raid, matchmaking, and more. A closed beta test is taking place July 11th through 17th, which your boy is trying to partake in.

Next up is Throne and Liberty from NCSOFT, which is launching September 17th for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, but is also getting an open beta test from July 18th through July 23rd. I’ve play-tested Throne and Liberty twice already, and while I am still trying to fall in love with its combat system, it is doing some very cool things like massive PvPvE castle sieges, and a heavy emphasis on social features like guilds. Oh, and you can morph into a bird and fly around the world.

Lastly, Lost Ark’s June update is now available, adding new adventures in South Kurzan, Chaos Assault Part II, Proving Grounds Season 5, a new Ark Pass, balance changes, and more. Admittedly, I am the least familiar with Lost Ark since it hasn’t invaded the console realm yet, but hey, all of that sounds cool too.