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Atari 50 gets expansion, Steel Book physical edition releasing October 25th

by: Joseph -
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Atari and Digital Eclipse released Atari 50 in 2022, and I personally loved the digital museum presentation, and of course most of the games. (I'm looking at you Atari Jaguar) It was just announced that in October, the game will be expanding with 39 more games, and two brand new timelines to explore.

The Wider World of Atari adds 19 of those games, including the birth of Breakout, and how Berzerk from Stern Electronics came about. The First Console War timeline has the other 20 games, and explores the Atari 2600 and intellivision battle. There's also a lot of inside information about how Mattel (Yes, that Mattel) was making games for their competitor, while trying to sell their own. New interviews, new rare and homebrew games will make up this leg of the timeline. 

The Steel Book edition of this expanded version has only been announced for Nintendo Switch, and includes an Al Alcorn replica business card, replica mini Atari marquees, Atari Retro Art cards, and the game. (before you ask) Atari promises this by October 25th, and will cost $49.99 USD. The standard edition will be $39.99 USD. This is being considered as DLC, and will be offered around the same time. No word on price.