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Neva is the next game from the developer of GRIS, new gameplay trailer revealed

by: Jason -
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There were several games that I had my eye on during Summer Game Fest, perhaps none more important than Neva, the next title from GRIS developer Nomada Studio. The studio shared a new gameplay trailer for Neva at SGF, which is releasing later this year on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

In Neva, you play as a young woman named Alba, accompanied by her wolf companion, you explore a decrepit world infested by malevolent forces. If you’ve played GRIS, you’ll know to expect platforming, environmental puzzles, and some combat elements. More importantly, Neva maintains Nomada Studio’s incredible art direction and emotional punch.

GRIS is in my personal top-10 games ever made – it is truly special. If Neva isn’t in serious contention for 2024 Game of the Year, it would shock me. I look forward to crying like my newborn baby as I watch its ending credits, just like GRIS.