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Australian PlayStation Store spills the beans on multiplayer shooter Concord

by: Jason -
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With pre-orders scheduled to go live tomorrow, June 6th for PlayStation’s next live-service shooter, Concord, it appears that the Australian version of the PlayStation Store has already let the cat out of the bag, divulging new details about the 5v5 FPS.

For starters, the game will come in two editions – a Standard Edition for $39.99 USD, and a Digital Deluxe for what appears to be $59.99 USD, if my Alexa's conversion skills are accurate. The Digital Deluxe will include 72-hours of early access, 16 character skins, and the Monarch cosmetic pack.

We also learned new gameplay details thanks to the store listing. Character progression will reveal more background lore about each Freegunner, as they are called, as will new weekly cinematic vignettes, which will expand on the lore and adventures of the Freegunners. Six game modes will be included at launch, though no specific details were listed, and most post-launch content will be free it would appear – including new characters, game modes, maps, and worlds.

I’m sure a PlayStation Blog post will provide additional context on June 6th, but regardless, we now know a bit more about the upcoming shooter, which launches August 23rd for PlayStation 5 and PC. I know social media is down on Concord, but on the contrary, I’m high on it. Besides, we all know social media isn’t real life anyway.